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RE: A Crazy Fix For A Bad Situation - BrainStorming.

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Let me see if I properly understand your idea.

So you want

  • Victims to be paid back (in USD)
  • Hive or victims to use the amount returned to buy HIVE to give to “takers”

I’m not sure about the incentives here.
The victims would have to return what was just returned to them, return that amount to the culprits. So basically that is a zero operation for them, all for the sake of “bridging bridges”, bridges most of the victims decided they were willing to burn by forking to Hive.

This is just a whitewashing idea under the mantra of “good vibes, a whitewashing idea with only one winner... the culprits.


It would be paid in hive at the USD value.

No one on either platform holds the tokens in question they are locked in a "lost" fund on Bittrex.

But to summarize, you want the thieves to be paid for returning what they stole. The exact same amount even. Incentivizing theft is what that is called.

Alternatively it’s called a “solid 11” on a stupid rating from 1-10.