@freshfund, In my opinion out of many one service can be the Freelance services where Author can post particular task and for that author will pay Steem, SBD, Upvote or SMT Tokens as per the agreement with the service provider or task accomplisher. And in my opinion it can be effective too. Stay blessed.

I really like this idea. It would be cool to have a group of people brainstorm ideas such as these, aswell as a way to put them into action

Yes, and in my opinion it will happen in future.

Expanding on that idea, if ever there is a disagreement between author and freelancer - theyre could be an automated escrow bot. If both sides refuse to agree, let the community decide the outcome given the wvidence at hand. (Like a paypal escalation or something similar)

Effective to hear. Let's see if community will make it possible in future.