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RE: Maybe Steemit Inc Should Time Lock Their Steem

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Hey, buddy I am not sure I like what you are doing. Did someone from Steemit hurt your feelings or something, or are you paid to attack Steemit Inc and @ned every day?

Mark Zuckerberg owns 28% of Facebook (still), why do you assume Steemit Inc. and @Ned Scott even want to sell their stake in the network they develop for?

Please tell me what your true purpose is with these non constructive articles, they reek of anger, spite and jealousy IMO.

@fyrstikken & @fyrst-witness
Fyrstikken INC.
(No, Our stake is not for sale also)


I'm sorry you're taking it this way. It's only a suggestion. If they accept fine everyone is better but if they don't, that's fine too. They are free to do what they wish for sure and I wouldn't want it otherwise.

Edit: My intentions are noble and because I respect you a lot, your comments and the comments from other people from SteemSpeak have made me reflect on the way I should go about trying to change things in the future. So I thank you for the comment as I think it helped me get better at what I'm trying to achieve. Sincerely. I stand behind the posts I wrote but I'll do things very differently from that point on. Thanks again!

Asking for witness vote decay is attacking Steemit Inc every day. Who's really paid here.

Why do you feel that asking for witness vote decay means "attacking Steemit" ? There are other people (including myself) who think that "witness vote decay" is an interesting feature that could potentially help the system: it would "stimulate" witnesses to not "sleep on their laurels" but rather go out and continuously engage with the community. Like in politics: if politicians were assured of your vote forever, they would make even less efforts than they make today, don't you think ?

Bizarre comment. Witness vote decay is something that Steemit Inc themselves have suggested in the past.

If several persons misunderstood you, maybe, just maybe, you could have found a better way to express your thoughts? :-)

Then again, it could also be that we are all stupid, it happens! :-)

And believe me, I'm the first guy to deplore not having enough time to read more articles on Steemit!

Ah ok, now I see what you mean.

Questioning witness power != Attacking Steemit Inc

creo que no debe sugeri eso amigos

My calculation says it is 26.3~ percent. If ned's stake is included than it is 26.91% of all Steem. I calculated these accounts: misterdelegation, steemit, steem and ned.

To be fair @Ned has been consistently selling his share for months.

Ned says the account he transferred the money to is not his. I wonder whose account it is.

finally someone sees the double standards of going at @teamsteem 's jugular and avoiding a pink elephant in the room. It is both Ned and Teamsteem's stake to do with as they see fit and people bitching about it are probably not going to want to be told how to spend their own money or stake. Thanks for possessing something besides groupthink and being logical.

I don't see this as an attack, just due diligence by the community to improve things.

Why do you cover your hair with that helmet? Surely it is as glorious as your beard.

@fyrstikken, Facebook has sustainable revenue model such as Ads. What is the sustainable revenue model of Steemit inc? If there is no sustainable revenue model for the company, the easy answer is leave with money when they can. I have been searching exhaustively to find the business model (sustainable revenue) , but there were no clear answer. May be I missed it , but not on witepaper, bluepaper, or other existing posts. A person claim that the company make money when people do power up, which can be the sustainable source of revenue (a good thing), but NOT CLEAR. If I were a savvy, shark business man, I would leave with the last cash out at the right time. I have not think through of the aftermath...well.. if this happens, I think this online community will survive after the Steem value in the market hit to zero. In fact, it have already happened once, ay? If you see the statistic, someone cashed out A LOT when the fruit was well ripen.

sorry i have some noobie questions like if i power down all my steem can i not then upvote? also how do i become a witness? thanks a lot =]

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