To Binance or Not To Binance

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Binance helped push our great uncleaning here on Steem. They powered up their customer's funds and used them, possibly illegally, to influence the blockchain. Of course, they claim that Sun hacked them to do so...but shouldn't they be pressing charges then?

Well, now both Binance and Bittrex have had their wallets locked for "maintenance" for days...until recently. Just checked, and Binance unlocked their Steem wallet for deposits.

So...I could send my Steem there to cash out and transfer it to another form of crypto.

Fuck off and thanks for all the fish.

Except Binance fucked us all.

So...should I send my Steem there and sell what I can now...or risk losing what value it has left waiting for Bittrex to allow deposits again?

Already got fucked over by Binance when they locked their wallets and I tried to transfer all my money over the LTC to sent over to Bittrex, only for the price of Steem to explode, and then Binance unlock their wallet.

Binance is a bitch.

Fuck...I think I'm waiting.

waiting ...could be the hardest thing. by magdalena Taken on September 2, 2008 (source)
Used under CC BY 2.0 License

What crypto should I buy when I sell though?


tough choices man. Have you looked at ionomy at all? I don't understand the benefit of using one exchange over another.

I had heard that they were an option for Steem, but hadn't tried it out yet.

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