My application for the community Curators project.

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About me.

My name is George Boya i studied interior decoration and conservation of art. I am an active artist for the past 16 years using handcut and digital collage as my medium of expression. I made solo exhibitions in my country and abroad, collaborated with theatrical productions and magazines. I am fluent in English and Greek which is my native language.

I joined Steem back at July of 2017. I started as a content creator, presenting my artworks, taking part in contests and collaborating with other users to create new projects. A year ago i decided to focus more in curation than content creation as i believe it is very important to ensure that the distribution of rewards in the system remains fair. Also i find it very democratic as even the smallest stakeholder can have an opinion about what is valuable and what is not, i always encourage users to join curation groups for this reason. By bringing the valuable posts to the top the curator brings more value to the platform and more value to Steem as coin. I strongly believe that what Steem needs to succeed is more art and creativity of every kind and a strong curation group to support them.

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The curation project.

I would like to use the community account you offer in order to start off a new curation group.

  • It will curate art and creative posts from all over the platform and it would target new users in order to give them a push to move forward and leave room for new users to join.
  • It will include a Community and an an active Discord server where the curation would take place.
  • It will be open to all users who would like to join and contribute in the fair distribution of the rewards.
  • It will have three different tiers of rewards, Modest, Fair and Exceptional, according to the value of the post.
  • It will have language curators in order to support non English valuable posts.
  • It will host weekly creative contests and distribute the prizes to the winners.
  • It will host a daily comment contest and it will reward helpful comments by experienced users to new posters.
  • It will have a daily curation post to bring to the spotlight exceptional and creative posts that did not receive the proper attention.
  • It will include a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account to attract attention to the project outside Steem community.

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My experience.

The first curation project i joined was nTopaz which was an art oriented community and platform. I was leading the curation of crafts and creative posts, organize contests and made curation posts giving helpful tips and presenting undiscovered artists. Also i was in charge of mentoring the new curators.

I then joined C-Squared which is an all around curation group, where i am curating and voting art and photography posts of different levels of value.

At the same time i joined Helpie, a really sweet curation project and again brought art posts to be rewarded and authored a few curation posts, presenting undervalued artists.

Later i was accepted as curator at Curie bringing undiscovered low rewarded valuable posts from new users and act as a community curator for Lightpainters United and my own Collage community.

At the same time i was invited to join the Creative Coin community as curator and help with the distribution of the tokens in valuable creative posts. I also authored weekly curation reports, presenting undiscovered artists.

Last but not least i was accepted at O.C.D curating creative posts that deserve high rewards and also author some of the daily compilation posts.

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To conclude, i believe i will be a fair curator. I have a good share of experience and i have my daily routine spending 4-5 per day reading posts. I am checking for abuse and plagiarism, know how to use tools like Steemlookup and Steemworld to get all the information i want and i can also teach others how to curate. But more importantly i am curating because i like it and i enjoy the process.



Well, you have done a lot for the communities, I wish you good luck...

Well, you have done a
Lot of the communities,
I wish you good luck...

                 - priyanarc

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you so much Priya:)

I would definitely recommend @georgeboya as a curator, I have done some time with him on some curation projects and he is definitely a great curator with a good sense of both curation and ethics.

Thank you so much for the support and your kind words Bengy:)

Hi @georgeboya, I'm glad to hear about your application as Community Curator.

George has extensive experience as a curator in the artistic field, which is why I recommend him.

It is noteworthy that art in its different ramifications is an area that deserves to be taken into account in healing projects since its real authors usually strive to present the best of their talent and that gives value to crypto Steem.

Thank you so much for the support @acostaeladio:) It is true that art and creative posts must be the backbone of the platform. Without them and without a support mechanism behind Steem cannot expand.

I like the idea from start to finish. I shared that curating experience at nTOPAZ with you, George, and I admired you, you always had your criteria and clear ideas on how to treat artists and give them the support they deserve. I see what you want, artists are a great influence in every community, art attracts all kinds of people, it would be beneficial for both the artist and the steem community.

Thank you so much for the support Elison:) We all did our best to support valuable artists when we were curating at ntopaz. A fresh curation group can give us a chance to continue our good work:)

george you are one of the most consistent, energetic and enthusiastic curators i know, one who isnt bogged down in favoritism or posturing. you would be a wonderful choice, and i very much hope you achieve your goal!

Thank you so much for the support and the good wishes Tor:) I did my best to always keep my judgement fair and curate posts that bring value.

Your contributions to all these communities are great and show the level of your commitment to curating good & original content. I totally agree with your views on curation and how it will help steem, through quality-posts and exposure to other media.

As you were the one that introduced me to this great community, and helped so many other content-creators, I wish you all the good luck with this project; i am sure that being chosen as a Community Curator will be greatly in favor of the community.

Thank you for the support Great Old One:) By supporting valuable creative posts we bring more value to the platform and more new content creators. The stars are right and everyone is staying home, experimenting with their creativity and passing time at social media, there is now better time than now for new users to come:)

Wow, that's an impressive curation CV. Thank you so much for your help with Light Painters United. You're the best!

Thank you so much for the support and the kind words @oddballgraphics:)

I think it's a fantastic initiative, and who better than you can support it?
I really hope that the project is realized!

Thank you so much for the support and kind words @phage93. Coming from you, a curator with integrity and good taste, it is an honor:)

Discovery-it supports this initiative!

Thank you very much for the support @discovery-it, it means a lot to me:)

It is great finally to see your post-application, as one of the experienced Curator even without being in any community you did yourself curation and guidance and helped many people around with your words and support. You always very attentive to posts and your comments have such comprehensive and thoughtful content. In order to do that the person has to read and understand what the post is about and this is in its turn time consuming process. Wishing you good luck!

It took me a bit of time to decide what i want to do and make a plan:) Thank you very much for your kind words and support, but i must tell you that you were one of the people who inspired me to start curating:) Your example was my guide and in turn tried to make an example so that other people will follow:) I am wishing you best of luck also:)

hello @georgeboya i am really happy to see your step forward as Community Curator. i know very well that you believes in fair curation and i appreciate your thoughts. Your experience will help you lot to do this. as far i know you You always ready to help the art with the good but the less reward post. i support you my friend. All the best.

Thank you so much for the support and your kind words dear @tussar11:) I believe that curation should always target the under rewarded, valuable content creators and bring balance to Steem community:)

yes you are right...

The most of Steemit user is post about creative work, including cooking art too like me :)

Steemit needs more creative curator like @georgeboya

I believe Georgeboya will helps the community be better :)

Thank you so much for the support dear @anggreklestari:) Creative users are the most important and we will try our best to support them and help Steem community grow:)

Wow! You have quite an impressive trail of curation experience. I fully support your application. Wish you all the best. :)

Thank you so much for the support and the wishes @romeskie:)

Dear @georgeboya, we have known each other for a long time and I have a lot of esteem for you. The project is excellent, and you know how much I fight to give the right rewards to the authors of excellent posts, and here there are many. I also fight for the plagiarism and for the original contents and here there are many unfortunately.

I find this idea really good and I support you, by the way we are together already in @discovery-it and with the guys we only carry out curation series that deserve the nomination.

A hug in safety and good work.

Thank you very much for the support Armando:) The curation work you do with @discovery-it is amazing, you support so many artists and specially the Italian community:) It is really hard to get attention if you do not write in English.

Stay safe:)

Lots of great ideas for a valuable curation project. It has always been a pleasure when working with you as a curator, I know you will seek out real talent and be fair in your curation. Good luck!

I am happy and honored that you find the ideas great Liv:) You were the first i asked about the curation process at nTopaz and you were always helpful and caring. The community need good curators like you to inspire and educate others.

Thank you so much for the wishes, i will do my best:)

Congratulations Dear George! The truth is that you deserve to be in all those projects and more, you are a truly incredible person, you have a long history in art and you are fair and balanced :) anyone would like to learn from your knowledge. Being able to be admired by you is a pleasure for artists, since you usually see and want to understand what the author wanted to express, you always see beyond. You have the passion to be a curator and it is something that you do very well.

I can only say that it has always been a pleasure being able to see you behind the scenes and being able to notice how transparent you are.

Greetings from some corner of the world!

Thank you so much for the support and the kind words dear Carmen:) I enjoyed working with you very much and i miss the beautiful and helpful comments you made to the artists:)

Greetings from some other corner of the world!

Working with you is really nice, you are a good leader and that shows at all times, so I also miss working with you. ;)

A big hug and a little kiss from afar, remember... no close contact because of the pandemic. XD

Who knows, maybe we will work again together in the future:)

Yes lets keep all contact virtual for the time being and continue after the end of the pandemic:)

If possible, although I must change many things in my life so that in the future I can have some stability and time.

Speaking of which, how does your country cope with the pandemic? I have not seen news of how Greece is going.

We are in far better position than Italy and Spain for sure, but we are at lockdown too and a bit afraid about what the future will bring. This is the most importand week because its Easter and the weather very good, everybody wants to go to outside and have fun like every previous Easter... We will see, i hope everything end soon.

You? How are things there?

Ok, I understand... it is bad that they have not been able to enjoy Easter as they are used to, but you have to be locked up so as not to get infected and most importantly not to infect loved ones.

If I'm honest with you... here the quarantine is not respected, this seems like Christmas... everyone on the street and most don't even protect themselves and this is worrying because of what we see in the world, the government says that everything is fine, that there are not many infections and the few that are already infected are being cured, particularly I do not believe this but well we will see later.

Good luck with your application. You have my support

Thank you so much for the support and the wishes Kabir:)

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