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RE: “Steemit joining the Tron Ecosystem” - What it means

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Ouch you're leaving? :( I just got my account today and don't know anything. Now there's even this thing called tron @[email protected] My head ache.... Did this meant the steem is going down?? If that's true then it's sad....


Leave this platform for good :(

Do you want to leave too? I just read some round up from the AMA, and it said the witnesses(?) are being quite positive. Or positively cautious to be exact. Do you think leaving is the best?

Hmm well.. I'm not sure. I'll see what Justin Sun really up to. But that token swap clearly will fuck steem up. Steem blogs to be operate on tron blockchain. But on the other side, if he is going to have good intention. Steem might have a much improved interfaces and better developers. Which our previous steem team really lack of. SMT took years to complete... roadscape was the only main developer there.

Right? A lot of people said to just wait and see. I decided to do that too. Like you mentioned, justin sun can bring money to the table and help steem in various ways. So I don't think I should leave before seeing the end result.

Well if yourr just joining in perhaps u should own more tron thsn steem. Looking at the direction its going. Ya im going to stay a while to see how it unfolds eventually

But I like the decentralized system. Not to mention I do investigate a bit on the steem thing 1 or 2 years back but I don't sign up for it since my brain can't handle it and I lost my account if I lost my password thing. And it's also not that popular as well also not that many people use it. So basically I have no reason to go through those diasadvantages. And it said it's also a point system, and basically the steem power blah2 thingy are created out of nothing so it just felt very scammy and no reason to go through those said disadvantages. I see it's developed fast, in some years so maybe signing up is not a bad idea. But then this @[email protected] This tron thing. Not to mention everyone said it is not decentralized like steem. Just more confusions and more confusions. So as I said, I like the decentralized aspect. If I just want a centralized sns there's ig, fb, blah2. What would make tron different? What's tron anyway ugh

Btw, do not use informal speech with me.
It really came off as impolite and hostile approach. While we're just having a simple discussion.