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Since Steem doesn't allow changes post the 7 days limit, I will be using the comments of this post for keeping track of Steem tools that I use frequently.

Meidum has a good interface and a draft option. So I will be updating this list there as well and will publish once cleaned up.

I am also adding a Steem Bounty for this post so that I can also get to know the tools that other find it useful. Please avoid any comments without the link to a tool that you use. Keep the description very minimal, what it does and a link. All other comments will be down-voted, as I using this post for my reference.


My suggestion is

You can check your ghost and inactive followers on that website.

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these are my bookmarks.. am putting my profile in the parenthesis as example, where applicable) if you want to promote you post or see who is promoting posts live where you can track how many upvotes, posts, comments, etc. You've had all with shiney awards for getting paid to make relevant comments or have others answer your questions-duplicate link because I love it

Also try @dlike, it's an app for webmasters and developers to share and get rewarded on the Steemit blockchain built by @certseek.


dlike website :

🍻 Cheers

Utilizo las siguientes:
Steem-bounty - Steem-bounty - - - -
I have only used steem-bounty once but due to small sbd associated to it was not noticed
But am interested in conducting contest about people view about the world. Should world have exist or not?
I know i will one day

I used a lot, until about two weeks ago when I discovered https: // / ...
I can say that in both pages I get the information I need from my account, but in steemworld it is much better presented, since it allows me to even calculate ocn steem power, know who has mentioned me in other posts, who voted me, the percentage of my power of vote, among many other things.

SteemD for checking bandwidth and voting power :

@gokulnk has set 10.000 SBD bounty on this post! logo_for-light-bg_1000.png
What is a bounty exactly?

A bounty is money sent to a post to be distributed to the users commenting on it. It provides a way to reward users directly and works in addition to the steem/sbd they receive from the blockchain. It works independently of SteemPower.

You create a bounty by sending any amount of sbd/steem to @steem-bounty together with a post-url in the memo.

How can I earn a bounty Users are then competing for the bounty by writing their answers to the post in comments that will achieve upvotes from the community and especially the bounty creator. The money of the bounty gets distributed to all top level comments of the post at the same time when the post is paid out (7 Days after it was written). How much everyone gets depends on the votes the comments received. The sender of the bounties votes are weighted higher so that she decideds where 80% of the bounty money goes and all other votes determine the rest.

@steem-bounty does all of this for you automatically. You can use this service to automatically pay out a challenge, ask a hard question or simply to reward the people that interact with you.

Read more about how it works, even in different languages here.

Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

  • @dillagr has earned 1.318 SBD. 0 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 1.318 SBD from the community!
  • @oclinton has earned 0.006 SBD. 0 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.006 SBD from the community!
  • @crypticat has earned 0.404 SBD. 0 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.404 SBD from the community!
  • @celinavisaez has earned 0.014 SBD. 0 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.014 SBD from the community!
  • @crypto-econom1st has earned 7.757 SBD. 0 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 7.757 SBD from the community!

@knircky I transferred 10 SBD to @steem-bounty but my post doesn't show up on

Am I missing something or the website doesn't pick up if the transfer is not done from the website.

It does actually. I just found this via the steem-bounty website

Looks like there was some delay. I should have waited a little longer. Also you said you had some ideas for Steem Perpetual Token. Let me know if we can connect on Discord to discuss the same. I have an implementiiton in mind and will be posting the same shortly. May be this week.

It is easier to connect on telegram. But i do hang on discord as well, usually only on my pc.

Would love to chat

Telegram is good. We can connect there.

Beter UI, drafts and bookmarks for Steemit :

hello in busy use opportunities because it allows me to open a draft, and even if I leave it at any time I can enter and continue with this publication, that seems very useful. , It's true, also the Steem-bounty page allows it

steemblockexplorer: to check upvotes curation reward and the time when those upvotes were given upon the post.

Convert Medium Posts to Markdown for Steemit:

The tool is a work in progress. Credits to be given to for the awesome npm module.

For automating your votes to steem writer you think are good : for bounties for current steem price for making Simpsons gifs that potentially earn you steem for promotion of steemit posts
ok-hope that helps.. @angrytwin

My list of best Steem websites/apps is as follows:

Steem-based Websites/Apps
Following 2 websites list about the latest pieces of websites and apps that are being developed on Steem Blockchain:

Steem Wiki
Steem Center- is a great website to understand end-to-end about the Steem Blockchain and its related items.

Steem Bounty and @steem-bounty is a unique way of rewarding users besides what Steem has to offer.

Steemit Reddit Channel is a great place to discuss about Steemit on Reddit. It is usually quite active over there.

Here is one that isn't mentioned yet. You can check the value of your own or others votes / It also shows who you been upvoting / Your curation rewards / Your author rewards and other stats as well.

Award Steem Bounties for tasks or for engagement on your post : by @knircky

If you understand the concept of witnesses and why you should engage in the process of voting them then this could be for you, @gokulnk

To understand the available witnesses and to see what they are doing for the blockchain:

I use some tools for using steemit..
I share with you of those tools with your won profile link :

For seeing your latest upvotes , latest curation reward , latest author rewards and current post rewards :

For seeing your current voting power , voting weight and all notification

For getting upvote form bot you can use

You can see your more statistics about your post and comment by using this link : I used it mostly and its an amazing steemit tools . For seeing your statistic you can click this link @gokulnk

I use some bookmark :
Here those : ( For curation, author reward, post and comment value ) vote power and remaining vest ) ( buying vote )

Fetch data about Steem blockchain using MSSQL : paid version. The fees could be have been lower. 10 Steem per month is costly I guess.

So far to me @steembounty is the best.
They really deserve witness vote.
This is my current contest, i paced 5 steem on it

My script for building steem profiles list : The best live streaming blockchain app :) It's my favourite live streaming blockchain app. Probably every one know but ...