after almost a year being here... I still can't thank enough steemit for bringing crypto to 'average' people like me,who didn't know the existence of something as liberating as this till I created an account here.
In fact the best is the point where you can be 'mining' steem by just using your brain and talents.
Bringing cryptocurrency to my daily life has been some big step that made me see life in a very different way.
and thanks to you too, for creating esteem and making this exprience even better :)
Steem on!

just bought my first STEEM coins & I'm really I'm checking the price every 2hours...

Lol you're going to drive yourself insane. Checking it doesn't make it go up, just let it sit for now :)


It feels so good taking part of something new, innovative & transformative. I f*cking love it!

Very well said. Steemit is the way for an average person to enter crypto world.

POCKET tokens by @biophil already airdropped on STEEM users and 1000s of steemitians have claimed it. It is already trade-able at DEX (bitshare exchange) and can be used as tips to any steemitians. Indeed, STEEM blockchain is free, useful and has large user base to launch ICOs. I see a great future ahead :)

lol ,what da fuk have you been smoking .

I'm dying hahaha

You made me laugh today. Cheers to you.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you

Lol it's smoking funny

hahah what the hell!?! Thanks for that!

Was I the only one who really tried to understand it?


We need to start coding immediately!

Great post!

You can check to see number of applications which all got built and crowdfunded through Steem.

I have been through the tools and I was pretty impressed when I saw them. You have given some good reasons for creating tools on the Steem blockchain instead of the other seemingly popular platforms.

Hope to see many more useful tools in the says ahead!

The whole essence of steemit makes sense to me which was the reason I joined, it's true that I'm very new to steemit, though without a post yet except for my introduction post, however, the enabling environment that steemit has provided to our world can never be overemphasized.

Esteem was the first app my husband installed on my phone after steemit approved my account and it's awesome, trust women; we love social media more than food but steemit has provided me with a total different view of social network.

Thank you @good-karma, your name goes before you.

Upvoted! Steem potentially is n1 cryptocurrency and it is so undervalued yet. It's not only a young promising project but a system (both financial and technological) of bunch of successful projects. As every other beta it needs work on it being made, challenges it came through are serious and they would kill any other altcoins if it wasn't Steem and it's blockchain!

very nice contents.

@good-kamra i am new to steemit. I need guidance to excel in steemit.

I don't know the mining cost of Steem

Yeah, how does that work?

Hi @good-karma! Sorry for off-topic, but eSteem does not work well today. It is too slow, and I can't upload any image (upload error)

Hi, are you sure? I just checked servers running as usual... Do you get upload progress or upload error right away?

Running fine for me. Just uploaded my latest blog post a couple hours ago. The entire upload went smoothly and instantly without a hitch.

It's only getting better now - in fact it has been very fast in the last few weeks and now I always upload my posts using eSteem app.

Any lag may be due to bandwidth issues at the user end IMO. Thanks for such a great app @good-karma!

Thanks maxabit! Recent server upgrade helped quite a bit... more changes are coming soon :)

Yes, I read your update at the time. I was most thrilled and for good reason because now it is flawless as far as posting goes. But that's just me, and I do use decent bandwidth.

When I am out with my smartphone in low coverage areas the entire internet seems to freeze up, so it's not a fault to be associated with the app. In fact, correct me if I am wrong, apps tend to be faster than browsers and work well even in low connectivity areas.

That's improving even more with upcoming release, there are some performance improvements as well. :)

right away, upload failed -> upload error. Also I can't check my "Feed" or my page, wallet, because of "nothing here, yet"

Might be because of slow network. Have you tried to change websocket connection from Settings page?

Yes. Sorry for troubles. Now everything is OK, works much faster.

For businesses to be built on steem blockchain, I think signup process and need for steem balance to be active is a big challenge... I'm still wondering how a project on steem blockchain can go mainstream when signup is not instant but takes 24hours there a solution in sight?

I'm also having problems. Check out the screenshot error:


It's been like this for about a day now :-(
Haven't been able to upvote, comment or post anything getting the same error...

This error is due to incorrect login credentials. Please make sure you are using latest release, logout and login back to see if you get it to work.

Awesome...that worked! Logged out & logged back in.

Thanks for the help, man :-)

already some of my last post there is not much upvote, but my post is very useful for social life of agriculture. and very detailed that I explain thank's

hi .. @good-karma !!! can you enlighten me about giving #tag to posts?

I would love to use steem blockchain for business apps but don't see how. Can we store stuff there that has nothing to do with Steemit? I see sometimes a delegation agreement as a post, that opened my eyes but it should not be visible in Steemit. Would love an answer on this @good-karma, thanks.

Your points are valid. I think Steen has so much potential that we can all help bring it out, by staying together and doing our part as users participating in the community and thinking of new ideas to grow the platform. Upvoted and Resteemed!

Cryptocurrency is very liberating. You don't need nothing more than a computer and good ideas to start making money.

Phase 1: You write but hardly anyone views or likes

Phase 2: You continue writing more, but result is the same, you want views/likes/shares/followers, you start tagging influencers who write more, this is where most people give up, or stay for a long time

Phase 3: You stop writing for likes/views/shares/followers people start to read what you write, people start to follow you

Phase 4: People wait to read what you write, trollers try to discourage you, you either get discouraged or continue to write, views/likes/shares/followers/connection requests/messages shoot up. At some point you may face a writers block here

Phase 5: Trollers vanish & even if they dont, its just you, your writing & those who love reading what you write

Phase 6: Dont know what happens here, probably you become a linkedin influencer

Writing or Living on linkedin is very akin to "Living" or "Working" in life. You can enter from Phase 3 as well. Interestingly your first degree connections dont help much, very few of them like your posts till phase 4. There are no timelines

Where are you stuck?

If you need help pls connect with

I feel like we should exploit and work above on the grounds that I know crypto will transcend the dollar and everything else and in the event that we begin now , it will ascend despite seemingly insurmountable opposition

Youtube and facebook should adopt steem!

I don't really understand it but it sounds great! I think i need to do more research , regards Gez

I hope steem coin will one day become more worthy then bit coin.

Thanks for this advice. I'm trying to understand steemit API. Upvoted and voted you as a witness. You deserve it.

@good-karma thank you, very interesting :-) voted.

why build on top of steem vs eos?

It would be cool to have a game in which the currency being used is steem!

yeah It makes so much more sense to build on this platform then it would to build on Ethereum. No fees, working system, real user base.....etc. I hope others will figure out that this should be a top 5 crypto soon.

This is highly interesting to me. I'm interested in moving all of my online endeavors to the blockchain although I have no idea how to go about. Knowing it's possible, I will learn!

I've dabbled with WordPress sites for over a decade, and I've made more on Steemit in 3 months than I have with ALL of my WordPress sites combined. The problem is not my content, the problem for me is consistency.

Steemit has the right incentive to make me keep creating, so I'm ready to abandon WordPress alrogether, and I LOVE

As entrepreneur that's really valuable information for me. I've never thought about funding a business idea with upvotings, but that's a very interesting idea! Also the fact that you can build a community around your project for getting the needed feedback and insights is something I've never even thought of.

I will certainly check out the tools and will dig even deeper into this information. Thanks a lot for pointing this out @good-karma :D

Steem is here to stay for sure. :) Nice to be early.

Harika yazı 🙏 😍

EOS will be the correct competitor of Ethereum

Steem is a great tool to build on it. The problem is it is oriented to social media... in a near future we will have EOS, that will take all the advantages of steemit and will be for general purposes.

EOS will not be mature before 18 months. We still have room to improve steem and may be the community will decide to move t EOS...It's the same community, So if u have a project, just start building it today because u are leveraging a build-in community. community, community, community matter.

Good point. You are right!! 👍

Golly, the opportunities are boundless!!

Can you build an own crypto currency on steem?

In a style similar to CounterParty on Bitcoin, yes it is possible. Pocket by @biophil is a proof of concept.

You are doing amazing work @good-karma

it's nice

you're the best @good-karma because you are different with others

i'm voted and followed you

my blog @bangmimi thank you

Great Work My Friend...

Great Info..... thanks @good-karma

This is indeed a vital information and thanks for sharing.

My question here is, what do you think can be built on steemit as a community network as it serves as better foundational ground which of course can last the test of time.?
Thank you.

Very good post!

steemit world seems confusing to some one like me who just joined i hope i get a hang of it soon....

So much to learn, so little time in this body...grateful to be on Steemit and open to building a community full of wellness hereos! Now where to start making the best foundation? Help anyone? Thanks for posting and sharing this topic, it helps us newbies gain momentum or I guess, STEEM?!

Great perspective! So what are we building?

super helpful. ample food for thoughts. kudos!

Great info. Makes a lot of sense to build on Steem.

sun divider.png

Great information as always. We should take advantage of the great opportunity and build for the community interests and there are many.

This is fantastic news. Well done!

I have found Steem to be a friendly environment for anyone trying to share information and grow an idea through mirco investments due to interest. This platform gives us all equal exposure and allows us to work together.

The tools look interesting and you presenting this information is giving me more reason to expand my knowledge of Crypto and Steem as a whole. Thank you!

@good-karma,,, Great post thanks for share information

Couldn't agree more. I barely knew web dev and constructed numerous Steem tools simply by reading the wonderful docs.

Great idea. Now I have one more option to convince people invest their time resources on Steemit.

Whale Upvote from @dunsky

Good stuff!

There's nothing else like it. I soon hope to be developing something for the platform.

Great info. Thanks @good-karma

There's still SO much untapped potential around here!

Still think Steemit/Steem is an ideal venue to build something more viable than Patreon for artists/creatives to fund themselves. The problem with Patreon is getting people to actually part with hard fiat cash... here, a similar thing can be done with nothing more than a following and upvotes... and using a "tip" feature, people can still toss cash in on top, should they feel so inclined.

I know some people are not big on commerce on the blockchain... but IF we can build a Steem based "local" economy here, it offers that thing marketers call "differentiation" that would set Steem apart from other coins... an economic reason for being. That looks good to investors... and then we could really look towards becoming a top-5 market cap.

Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

very nice posting @good-karma

This topic is way over my head but is it possible that artists can make their artwork have value like trading them for something? Artmoney has a setup where you can use art to buy a cup of coffee. Can artists use blockchain for their art?

great informative article

I tend to think developing Apps on Steemit requires some bit of coding knowledge. Many people would love to have an App to call their own appearing in the App store or something!

hi .. @good-karma !!! can you enlighten me about giving #tag to posts?

I feel like we should take advantage and build above because I know crypto will rise above the dollar and everything else and if we start now , it will rise against all odds

Build to succeed

I am feeling like someone experiencing book printing in Middl Age after years of copying old texts by hand. Time is running like crazy.

Thanks for giving the information. Have a great post. good-karma

I hope this works with STEAMPUNK-NET for me ... and i can build a business on top of Steemit :-)

NOW is the time. Steemit is going to be phenomenally larger in a year, and you will be a much smaller fish in a ginormous pond if you wait!

I guess it is best for open-source projects. I actually to do things using Steem blockchain.

  1. Learning
  2. Building awesome projects

@good-karma that is such a great perspective and intriguing way of looking at it. thank you

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative funny post!!
Thanks for sharing this..

Waiting for a WordPress Comment System like Disqus but with incentivized through Smart Media Token (SMT). Someone, please build that.

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Wow amazing...

Thank you. You've just raised several points I was completely unaware of. Excellent reasoning behind this as well.

Very good information post @good-karma. Thanks for sharing.

Steem has the best chance of all
SMTs will be a big thing
Thanks for sharing

I dont really know what happen on the mining cost of Steem

You've got very good points there! Thanks for sharing!

We are building our existing photography community BeScouted on steem BC as we speak and plan to roll out an update sometime next week that will allow our members to connect to steemit (for account creation purposes) and existing steemit members that are interested in photography to get the rewards in the same manner on BeScouted.

I am also vey excited about the SMT announcement and waiting for Velocity hardfork to come out that would allow effortless onboardng of users on steem BC.

We hope to bring a lot of our community members on steemit with great content that we host already and i hope this will add to overall quality of steemit.

Anyone who is interested in photography can join [BeScouted](} and get rewarded for the quality content they share. We are also planning to add many utilities to STEEM token, but those will be launched in a later roadmap.

Cheers and have a great day!

No doubt Steem has it's place in BC ecosystems, but the idea it is scalable to the demands of the future is naive, it's a social media website with some quaint features. Steem is a strong competitor in social media, but would require radical overhaul to have competitive advantage outside of that industry.

Depends how you define social media.... What's not social these days?

Hi, @good-karma. A few days ago, I might have been inclined to think that your post was a bit overly optimistic. Now with tokens, thousands of businesses can instantly engage on Steemit and simultaneously build on their chain.

I wandered over here due to an outstanding post about you by @lexiconical. You obviously have his esteem (Sorry; I couldn't resist the pun.).

You have my personal gratitude for all you do here on Steemit. I realize that presently my witness vote carries almost no weight, but for what it is worth, you have it. I will work hard to bring my Vests up. Be well.

When I click to API link that links to it gives me an error! Can you say why ?

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for this wonderful platform to express original and true content. I love the app esteem and cannot begin to imagine the possibilities of what will be available in the near future. I have become pretty addicted to the app, feel i need to check in every hour so I don't miss any new important content.

hello brother @good-karma. I have been waiting for you to write. in order to comment. it is about infiration. you are the one who builds the esteem app. i love this app. and for my inflation, maybe you start to build a progress about sticker fiture. this will be nice if we can comment with stickers or other emot supported in this application. 😊

Sorry if out the topic.

Thanks for the kwl background, did not know that Ethereum runs on high costs.

Quite interesting......


Very interesting post, thanks. How does quality assurance of third party apps actually work in the steem ecosystem compared to eth?