Steem still looks like it's a sock puppet standing on castlerock

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Steem can be a cry baby sometimes.

Market is ringing bearish from point a to point z and its gonna look that way for the time being. Why still hold on to steem? some people ask! Well I wouldn't be in a good position to answer that as someone who has really suffered from the red market bang but I do have one or two points to hit as regarding to steem.

When I heard the word cryptocurrency was first through steem. In my earlier blogging days, I knew steemit as a blogging site for earning a few bucks through some form of currency steemit offered and this brought me to the question of where steemit enterprise did get their income from. Was it through traffic I asked? I wasn't to sure so I had to make research on how steemit worked and then I heard for the first time the word cryptocurrency. Then, it looked like a reliable source just for the fact that it was bringing a good income. Then, steem was about 4$ and the steem blockchain dollar or steem backed dollar was about 8.86$ and you could say those where the days. Funny enough, we did imagine steem hitting about 20$ as well as the sbd cause we had to hope to say the least. To some point, I got bored about articles just talking about steem being able to top BTC and other top currencies as a versatile crypto coin cause of its transaction speed and 0 fees required for transaction or third party leverage of any sort so it became quite the news.

It's no surprise steem can't hit any milestone at the current state. I guess @stellabelle was right, It gonna really take till next year to see the limelight so nowadays, I just look at steem encouraging articles as a pile of garbage dusted on our face. Now hold on, I'm not saying steem is trash. At this reddish market, just don't get your hopes high about steem that's the sad truth. look how steem to btc pair has dropped the previous months, It's an ever increasing drop and steem hasn't been able to even manage a good base for some time so don't hope on steem cause I think the steem/btc pair is about 1150 satoshi currently if I'm not mistaken. On the long run it could get better though.

I would really love to be very wrong on this one though so let's discuss on the comment section. What are your thought's about steem as a coin in the current market state.


Personally I think the big crypto dump is not over yet, which leaves steem very vulnerable. However we got to remember, blockchain is not mainstream technology yet and when the tide turns, the coins with an active use case, such as steem will skyrocket.

I’m doing a little bit of outreach this week with those I don’t normally get a chance to engage with. I see you are here on steemit a while now, I just had a look around your account. I know when people start here they get a few welcome messages, but after that, if you have not joined a community you can easily get lost in the sea of posts. Looks like you are doing okay though? And you probably don’t even need the tip I’m leaving with this outreach.

One tip I am spreading this week is to check your mentions. You are here some time and probably already know this but being part of steemit includes engagement and if someone happens to mention you in a post, you should really check it out. You can find your mentions on, if you look through the tabs, you will find all your mentions.

STEEM Witness @steemcommunity

Nice. Thanks for the tip @paulag. This helps a lot. At first, I thought it was just like the ginabot notification but I dipped in and I do love the front end of the steem dapp very much. It's quite catchy for a lot of functions... Now I want to vote for it's witness... ✌. Yeap. Just did.

the developer of the project is @steemchiller, he has not yet set up a witness server, but I will be the first to vote for him when he does. I am just a major fan of this work. Personally I think steemworld is way better than gina, I can do everything there from witness voting to delegation, it just rocks.

thank you for the witness vote, I hope you will like what we do and how we hope to help those on the blockchain. If you ever have any questions, just hop over to one of my posts and leave a comment, dont worry if its is off topic.

Steem on my friend

Yeah thanks. Definitely, I will. I sure do love hearing from you.

You are right friend..
all crypto market is low..

You are right my friend... It is really bearish.... Although it did come up a bit but it's just teasing.. It's still gonna go for a good dump before hitting a stable base.

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