And there will only be more listed as more people get involved. :)

It looks like to start with the deals are sort of Australia-centric, which I guess would change over time as people find or present deals? And then the amounts listed for each item, are those in STEEM $ or something else? It looks like shipping is in fiat.

Anyway, I like the concept behind all this and I agree, I think it has potential to be big. Good luck and I will check in periodically to see what's going at blockdeals and seeing what I can find. :)

You’re right, as more people get involved the diversity of deals and their locations will change.

The pricing is in whatever currency the deal is available in.

Definitely keep an eye on the project! And post deals as you come across them. It’s a brilliant way to get rewarded and set to be an amazing community to be a part of.

So, just out of curiosity, how long have you and your partners been working on this? And was this previously announced or talked about somewhere and I just missed it? I know it didn't come up in any conversations you and I have had (no worries there—no one answers to me here). You've got your gym business and aren't you the driving force behind the Australian online store—T-shirts and the like?

Sounds like you've been busy and going to stay busy, with or without a persona presence on Steem. :)

We’ve been working on this for a month. This is the first announcement. We wanted to make a big splash so didn’t talk about it anywhere. And yes, it’s all going to keep me very busy.

Thankfully, Steemit is a hobby that I happily devote a lot of my spare time to. The only thing that might be neglected a little in the short term is my personal account.

And sleep. :)

That's amazing. Just a month? Wow. Is that from concept to launch? Regardless, you've all worked very hard to get to this point and I can see it (because I've been there). Hopefully the users will see the value.

If your personal account is neglected, I will miss the interactions. However, I wish you well in all of your on and off Steemit endeavors. :)

I’m a little Steemit obsessed so I greatly doubt you’ll see me stop posting or commenting. :D

And I just finished taking some video for another 2 posts so there’s that.