Steem Witness/Mining issues

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Hey everyone,

I've been working for over a day to attempt to setup my machine at home to act as a steem witness and seem to be running into an error with little to no documented fixes.

Error reporting from Steemd:

2665616ms th_a fork_database.cpp:41 push_block ] Pushing block to fork database that failed to link: 0030df38f61af3686ee2d9334f071afea7b3a0be, 3202872
2665616ms th_a fork_database.cpp:42 push_block ] Head: 3202773, 0030ded5dd067fe75498b5badc9ca1b16dfcfe38
2665616ms th_a application.cpp:442 handle_block ] Error when pushing block:
3080000 unlinkable_block_exception

the above happens for each block after 3202773 one at a time. Any chance any of you had a solution?

I let it run all night like this last night and came back to it in the morning still doing the same thing...This really does not seem like the normal syncing process.


steemd --replay

I appreciate the help!

I've tried that multiple times and end on the same result. Hopefully someone else has seen this before.

I've been getting the same error after trying to get a fresh copy of the blockchain 3 times in a row now (deleting the entire witness_node_data_dir directory and starting over from scratch). I've also tried running with --replay-blockchain, and --resync, with no luck on either. My co-worker is also having the same issue. Is something going on or is it just me?

Looks like the issue was that the code needed to be up to date. A simple git push fixed the issue.

Please replace your files on this

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