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RE: Happy to talk to community

in #steemlast year

I think this is old story now. I just wanna sum up that your arrival was the worst possible.

Before buying Steemit Inc u should have researched about Steem community and our relation with the company, what we thought about its pre-mined money. U should know that talks about a fork was happening for over a year.

If Ned lied to u or didn't provide u this info, u must complain on him, not the community.

As the founder of a cryptocurrency network, u should know how most networks and communities are managed in descentralized ways. Some networks like deCRED have governance measures added directly on their blockchains.

You do know that when u used pre-mined steem to change witnesses, current ones would step up. Using exchanges' customers' steem and pre-mined steem to take out witnesses and call them thieves was a low move.

You mucked your personal public image, your image inside Steeem community and even Tron's image. All you could and should do now is apologize, recognize they aren't thieves, that you knew that and was lying. And then start doing actions to help Steem remaining community, Hive community, and show real actions that assure u will never try to do such things again, on Steem, Hive or Tron networks.