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This post is insane, you miss a lot of details in your breakdown of the situation.

You also fail to realize that exchanges have no right to use the STEEM they are holding for traders.


of course. But so it is totally fine to freeze other people wallets as long as they are not able to "un-freeze" with own stake?

I never said I agree with freezing anyone's assets. In fact, I believe the Steem community should cultivate a strong culture of saying if you use a coercive softfork we'll remove your witness forever.

But if someone tries to defend the exchanges voting with STEEM that does not belong to them, well, they can go fuck themselves. That is not okay, ever.

Of course this is not OK but it was a reaction to another quite stupid action that happend without inform the community.
I guess we also had become completely crazy when realizing someone frozen the wallet I have the key for.
In fact all this shit reveals quite interesting features of this "decentralized blockchain". Who the hell needs a blockchain that:

  • allows a hand full of guys to freeze wallets?
  • allows another guy to take it over?

We using blockchain to exactly prevent this. To give 100% control of assets to the holder of the secret key.
So STEEM is a fail by design which is worst discovery now....

Hey, I've always hated DPoS and openly shared my view that Steem is overly centralized. People said DPoS was a bad idea, but all the people on Steem, EOS and TRON never listened, just kept talking about "scalability" the whole time.

Now people are figuring it out, finally. DPoS got corrupted on EOS, TRON and now Steem too. DPoS sucks, its no more decentralized than your average board of directors in a corporation.

How can we fix Steem though now that everyone realize this sucks?

  1. increase the total amount of consensus witnesses by way more than 21, maybe 63.

  2. Then limit voting options from 30 votes to 5 votes.

  3. Next, implement witness staking and penalize witnesses when they don't reach accurate consensus.

Alternatively, just wait for ETH2 to come out and then copy their POS system, because its going to be the most bad ass shit in the market once its finished.