STEEM Price Analysis (价格分析) 7/31/2020

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STEEM has struggled to maintain any sort of momentum after the fallout of the split. It is hard to say what the future may hold but STEEM certainly isn't dead. The natural evolution will keep this machine alive whether or not the original witnesses and users remain. (在分崩离析之后,STEEM一直努力保持任何势头。很难说未来会怎样,但STEEM当然还没有死。无论原始见证人和用户是否留下,自然的发展都会使这台机器保持活力。)

The beauty of the blockchain is in its permanence. Being a free public database the information storage capability is extremely powerful as well. You cannot take away our decentralized freedoms. (区块链的美丽在于它的持久性。作为免费的公共数据库,信息存储功能也非常强大。您不能夺走我们分散的自由。)

As for the price of STEEM, it has remained in this low 2000 Satoshi range for far too long, it is overdue for a pump. What will be the catalyst however? (至于STEEM的价格,它在这个较低的2000 Satoshi范围内停留了太长时间,对于泵来说已经过期了。但是,催化剂将是什么?)


Today the price is hovering around 21 cents after taking a large dip last week. If I apply Fibonacci retracement to this move you will see that we should be approaching 2000 Satoshis in the next 3 or 4 days. The main reason why the price took such a big hit was because of Bitcoin's run up- once it broke $10,000 STEEM had no other option but to sell of vs BTC in order to compensate. Additionally, STEEM holders were inclined to sell of their holdings back into Bitcoin during a period of relative strength for the king of coins. (在上周大幅下跌之后,今天的价格徘徊在21美分左右。如果我将斐波那契回撤应用于此举动,您将看到我们应该在未来3或4天内接近2000 Satoshis。价格之所以受到如此大的冲击,主要是因为比特币的上涨-一旦比特币突破10,000美元,STEEM就别无选择,只能卖出vs BTC来补偿。此外,STEEM持有者倾向于在硬币之王相对强势的时期内将其持有的股票卖回给比特币。)

We are oversold on the RSI, Relative Strength Index, and the MACD looks to be finally tapering upwards somewhat. Unless there is another major Bitcoin move I would expect STEEM to consolidate at these levels and find a little bit of gains towards the beginning of next week. (RSI(相对强弱指数)相对我们超卖,MACD看起来最终会逐渐变小。除非比特币有其他重大变化,否则我预计STEEM将在这些水平上进行整合,并在下周初之前获得一点收益。)

Price Target: 2000 Satoshis
Time Frame: 3-4 days
Sentiment: neutral

目标价格:2000 Satoshis


Looks pretty dead to me, I've popped in for the first time in ages and not one of my friends lists posts have a single comment.. None of them at all, zero.. How's that a social media platform? 😄

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