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There is no act of goodwill without its reward especially when it is directed towards a cause.Most time people tend to believe they are doing the right thing but at the end of the day it is for there own selfish interest.There is always a thin line between what is right and what is wrong.

Since there is a good thing attached to downvoting now, people are now doing it.When there was no profit attached to downvoting, only during flag wars s when we see this button been used.Since #newsteem is here,we now have panel of judges on the platform going about downvoting people all in the name of not worth the reward.Who will help us downvote people like this whose upvote botherline between 4$ to 8$ every time they post.

There are some who has jumped on the bandwagon just to flex their muscle and sp.A couple of people downvoted me again today for no particular reason out of sheer blindness I guess or followership.Do not use your power to put people in misery.We all are striving on this platform to make it.Not everyone has enough money to buy sp to curate or downvote.If you cannot use your sp to curate by upvoting unique and great post why waste it for downvote especially when you do not even know the reason for the downvote.

Some of your favourite have not been around in a month plus but when they hear it's downvote ime to clean the community, they are here jumping and wagging their tongues.Hypocrisy is truly everywhere and may God help us all and save us from over sabi people.

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