Youth and its Physical Misery

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Is young people the problem of their physical misery or could we trace young people's problem to elders? However if we want to capture this on a long-sighted premises of argument and discussion, and if we create wide imagination to attempt the question, both can be simultaneously true. Whereas, I'm not intended to bore you here with high-weight theses maybe I will develop this theses later and shortly after this brief account, but let me reserve, and fucos on this short disposable pieces.

I used to join in a rhetoric discussion of blaming government for high unemployment rate and lack of youth engagement programs, I used to stick-in-the-mud sense of blaming elders, elites, and capitalists for the misfortune of young people, but questions bagging every minds for answer is, can young people be entrusted with management? Can they be sincere to themselves and others?. Few experience and some undoubted event unfold track me out from that verge and perception, such exposed me to the understanding why the elders, the elites and the capitalists deliberately refuse to engage youths in gainful programs, i now understand why they refused to create a motivational influence for young people to grow in our society and in that, i learned young people are the reason.
While I'm yet to breathe a sigh of relief from ordeal and terrible experience I encountered in attempt to lend a help and kindness to people around me in my little way, I realized maybe #Obi_cubana, may have probably face serious and terrible hurt in attempt of raising his friends to that enviable height. I thought it was simple for him to do so since he is wealthy. I thought maybe he must have applied a little magic to found his friends (mentes) on the environment of honest and sincerity. However, Obi cubana is not a muggle, and now i understand it was not easy for him to raise his friends.

We young people are terribly wicked. I used Obi cubana as simply a point of discussion here to create a elaborate analysis because he has become a pointed figure in recent media space, he is noted as a master of masters and a model in Nigeria context of business moguls. After the sudden out-breaked and wide media publication of #Obi_cubana's love and kindness to his friends, i join crew on a campaign to invoked blame on our politicians, elites, elders and others who has resources but refused to groomed others around them. I thought it was an authentical approach to motivate them or engage people to learn from Obi cubana in raising young people and the people around them.

In shift demonstration of practicing Obi cubana in my little way of life, it becomes probably clear to me that the Oba born business model may have faced terrible hurt from his mentes. We young people don't understand what is help, and what it takes to help is similarly what Obi cubana did to his friends not necessarily because he had some reserve resources for that but because he wants a better society.
Often the payback and reverse of my kindness to friends always resolve intolerably with hurt feeling. Ordinary I would have decided to dismiss such gift if it was from Man or distance myself from kindness and simplicity disposition but a lot of advise trop in i shouldn't because we young people are inconsiderate, ungrateful and terribly wicked.
I have now seen the reason and why young people remain in this physical misery. Young people are the problem of young people.

It takes to gather courage when feel depress
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