How is possible such difference?

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Dear friends

it is very strange what is going on on my engines market value.

As you can see from the post image and below image, i have almost same amount of INTEL coins in both of engines, the coins are connected with steem and hive value, but it seems hive is loosing a lot with steem, someone can tell me why?


It is possible that someone is pumping steem over hive somewhere?

So i try to make a simple operation, selling 20 steem for 20 hive and we will see if value will become the same...:)


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Hive is new even though it came from steem. Steemit has a larger user base and that can cause it

In my opinion the coin value is a real BS because is just made on last operation, so if someone sell your coin at 10% of the value, you will suddenly see all your coin value amount become at 10%, so what for spend time for it, just take it as it is...

I am not an expert but I think it is a sample than a coin with the trajectory and veteran of steem will prevail and maintain its price, while hive, it is very new and maybe that does not generate as confident as a Coín that has already gone through many processes

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