Columns for Steem. View multiple streams of posts in real-time.

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This tool has been making keeping up with everything going on a bit easier.

View multiple streams of posts in realtime by username or hashtag.

Official site:

Columns for Steem

From Github:

A web based multi column client for Steem, the decentralized blockchain based social network.

Written in ClojureScript & Reagent (a thin wrapper on top of React). Uses the dsteem JavaScript libary to connect to Steem.

The app can be used right in your web browser (Firefox and Chrome are officially supported) at:

Slso decentralized on IPFS at:

How Columns For Steem Looks


Columns For Steem Running In ICE SSB

I have it setup to monitor the hashtags:
#steemhostiletakeover #steem #tron #steempeak #introduceyourself
Then I use (Ctrl -) or (Ctrl +) to zoom in or out if something catches my eye.


Cheers! & Happy Steeming!


Good job ;) I will use this tool.
Thank you

Thanks and you are quite welcome!

Nice! A STEEM version of TweetDeck

I like that!


That is great, I like it!

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I like it, thanks for doing it.