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The ways to make accounts for use on the Steem blockchain vary but all accounts are valid because no matter what front-end is used for account creation the actual accounts are tied to the Steem blockchain itself and not to a front-end or dApp.

I know that folks often get confused over this aspect of using the Steem blockchain but simply put front-ends (dApps and/or websites) are simply running on top of the blockchain and are by no means the actual service (or services) running the underlying blockchain.

Since some services to create accounts via specific dApps and/or websites have recently been disabled for unknown reasons I thought that presenting some options to do so would be a good idea as well as trying to dispel some of the confusion that I see going on with the new user onboarding process.


Fast account creation with eSteem mobile and desktop apps.


A handy Steem client for Android, Apple, Linux, Mac and Windows that supports easy account creation with any of the eSteem clients.

After creating an account be sure to validate your email address after the signup process is complete.

Keep in mind that accounts are manually reviewed before being created and may take a while.

Get eSteem here: https://esteem.app/


Alternate method to quickly create an account.


Create a Steem account here: https://anon.steem.network/

Login here: https://steempeak.com/me/witnesses

If you need help then join the general-chat channel.
Here is the Discord link that never expires: https://minnowpond.org


Some tools to help get new users started.


Useful Steem Blockchain Tools For New Users & Veterans:

SteemPeak Browser Extension to reroute all links to SteemPeak.

Columns for Steem. View multiple streams of posts in real-time. No Login required.

How to change your Steem Recovery Account with SteemWorld or SteemPeak


Please vote for the real Witnesses of the Steem blockchain to help us restore our duly elected community members.


Power Up some STEEM in your wallet here: https://steempeak.com/

The red ones on this site are the sock puppets of Justin Sun and the exchanges. https://steemian.info/witnesses

Vote for Community Backed Witnesses!
Vote here: https://steempeak.com/me/witnesses



Cheers! & Happy Steeming!


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