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RE: Offer to Purchase for Custody of the Steem Community

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I'm pretty sure hypestat is mostly just hype. Not sure you should trust those numbers. I call BS on them as much as I'd love to think steem gets that type of traffic I don't think they get close to that.

So we'd have the URLs but still have a chain with centralization issues?


Also for $8k that would be a steal of a deal in the other direction. All for that one. haha

I think and should belong to the community at the very least Tron doesn't own the Steem blockchain even if they think they do and should not be allowed to represent Steem on such domain names when they don't even share the ideology of the community.

Yeah probably, but given that he paid upwards of 4 mil to purchase Steemit inc, I don't think he will accept less and still I don't think he will accept this even, it is however the best deal he will ever get, no one will buy again.