No need to do videos on the new dtube! You can become a curator ;)

Wait What? @macron How does that work? But you can only post your videos from other platforms right?

Yes, but we want to allow even non-creators to publish videos if they aren't already on dtube. i.e. you liked a new song by rihanna? just put it on dtube, tag it with music, and move on. It's something not done on steem, but it's totally fine to do with the dtube chain, you wont get downvoted for it

But isn't that plagiarism? @heimindanger Imagine I as a creator spending so much time to create authentic videos competing with someone putting up viral videos from Youtube. It does not even take them 2 minutes to do that. Also in the long run, what happens when the original creators join dtube and see that their videos have been used by people. I think that's plagiarism.

Sure will. I saw this yesterday and now that we have an instance of dtube on splinterlands I will be posting more videos. Thanks for the mention.

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