STEEM needs to push past $6 and build a new base!

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Tons of buy volume today. Lets get above $6 and push strong towards $10!!

2018-01-24 17_29_49-STEEMUSD_ 5.88629692 ▲+36.98% — Unnamed — TradingView.png


I just saw this so replying late but today was scary. Steem seems to be holding ok compared to the others but why do you think it needs to go past 6. My thought is that it might be too expensive for new members to buy in.

I was just saying to push past $6 to build a new base... support level and build from there. The price going up will actually attract more members/buyers. Look at Bitcoin and ETH. IMO, STEEM has the possibility to reach $100 by this time next year.

a day in crypto can be like an year and year i like a day , lets be patient since we already believe in the platform am sure it will happen very quickly

I'm patient.. and holding Steem long.

I wish we were not in a bearish market since potentially we would've exploded out of proportion.
Hopefully it will start to consolidate around the $6 mark

@arckrai .. right?! Once the market turns around I'm hoping we shoot past $10!

Just be patient, it will pass even 100

Right on. Gave you a follow.

Nice post

This was not TA. Did you even read it?