Steem Power and Stats?!

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Steemd is down again for node maintenance. Why do we have to resort to external tools to view our Steem power and stats? I love Steemit, but man I would think one of the main tools available would to be able to see our current steem power, etc. in the upper right hand corner or something.

Am I the only one that complains about this?

@ned ? Can we expect this feature anytime soon, or ever?



use this one follow me and not worry

Growing the stem is necessary.

Lol, That's cool! I hate those kind of replies too! great reaction

I am so with you sir, we need to be seeing our power, it suppose to be built in here instead of other platforms doing it. There are so many other features which I would love if they add, something like list of people that views your posts. We need to see their names just as we see they names of people that voted us.

There are so many other things they need to add to make steemit a better place.

Thanks @jeff747 for bringing this up.

Thanks. I like that one and never seen it before. I like specifically how it tells you how many more hours until you are fully powered back up. .. I just wish we could have these stats within the steemit app.

@jeff747 anther great tool which i just found out it is
let me know what do you think

Time is still long

calm friend, all will be beautiful at its time, because, this time again down, and there will be a rise time, and hopefully your success always, and hopefully your day is fun ...😊😊😊😊

Hi @humaidi ..but I'm not sure you understand what I'm complaining about. Thanks for the kind words anyway.

but I read your post may be misunderstanding me, sorry friend, but I always support you

No worries! I follow you now too.

thank you for your support, and hopefully your day will be happy

I also think there is a BUG with REP! Do you have the same problem?

A bug with REP? Can you please explain what REP is?