Thinking of Steem as an Investment! #7

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What are the benefits to thinking of Steem as an investment vs considering our earnings extra income to spend? Financially once of the largest steps we can take to financial freedom is thinking like an investor instead of a consumer. On day seven of Steem basic training, we take that step as we decide consciously whether we are going to be an investor on Steem, or if we are just going to use this as a paycheck and take everything we make out as soon as we can. View previous basic training days and more guides at and watch the video on @dtube below!

Thinking of Steem as an Investment! #7

As we start getting the rewards from our posts on Steem, we may be tempted to just cash it out right away and celebrate. I've seen people with as much as twenty or thirty thousand dollars in payouts on a post, just take all the money straight off the platform and sell it, and miss the majority of the opportunity on Steem.

We work hard on Steem to do these blog posts. If we are lucky we have somewhat of a payout coming after seven days and when we have got that payout coming, then our initial response might be to just go straight to our wallet and say, "Okay. How do I sell this?"

If we have got some Steem or Steem Dollars we might initially be thinking, "How do I sell this? How do I turn this into real money?"

What I've noticed is that my friends that took that approach with Steem have missed the majority of the opportunity for success. Meanwhile, the friends that I have who have continued to double down, to reinvest, have done extremely well on Steem. I will show you one in particular who has done exactly that.

My friend Joe Parys has had several posts that have had huge earnings. We will take a look at his profile. What @joeparys has done since he started, he has both earned very well on Steem and he has continued to reinvest.

Now, he didn't start out earning a whole bunch of Steem. He didn't start out with a bunch of followers. He started out just posting basically to me. I was one of the only people that read it.

What Joe has done is continue to keep posting and posting. For his initial posts back when Steem and Steem Dollars were worth a dollar, he was lucky to make five dollars on a post just from me upvoting.

You will notice that most of the posts he made initially were voted up mostly by me and he didn't get a big payout for a while, and he kept posting and kept posting, then he got some higher payouts on here.

After 20-plus posts, he introduced himself and got a higher payout, and then he has one post that earned about $300.

He continued posting, which is often a big let-down after having a post that earns a lot to go back to posts that just earn normal. Then, I continued to upvote Joe and on some posts, he was getting a little bit more, and then over time he has continued to earn more and more on his posts.

He started using voting bots with the money he has earned to promote his posts. He has continued to buy more and now he has had some posts that have done extremely well all on their own and had huge earnings.

This one, in particular, is a $914 payout. Half of that in Steem Dollars, which at the time was worth about $10, which means thousands of dollars earned on this one video and consistently earning good now.

If we look at @joeparys' account, what we see is that Joe now has an account worth about $33,000 today, and Joe has not put in maybe more than ten or twenty percent of that in terms of actually buying into Steem.

What he has done is to continue to reinvest what he has earned. He reinvested in terms of taking the Steem Dollars and selling them into Steem, and then powering them up into Steem Power. Joe has also used his Steem Dollars earned with upvoting bots to then vote his posts up even higher.

Voting bots helped him to get more visibility on his posts and to get over 3,000 followers since he started in July 2017. It's six months later and Joe Parys is now one of the top users on, probably top 10, if not 5 percent, in terms of reputation and in terms of investment.

Now, the thing that happens with this is an investment mindset, that this is not something to just make a quick profit on today, to take it out and put it in our wallet, and celebrate, but that this is a long-term investment, that we serve on Steem, and we contribute to the blockchain on Steem.

Then, we have something that can potentially pay us out indefinitely like a retirement plan, like holding stocks, maybe not bonds, but like holding something of value. We must think like these Steem Dollars and Steem powered up into Steem Power, is something of value where we get indefinite influence off of that.

Therefore, it's incredibly powerful to think of our work on Steem as an investment, and an investment in our future online, especially as Steem continues to grow, as the value of Steem grows along with the number of users on Steem.

Looking at this as an investment is the opportunity of a lifetime. I've seen some of my other friends just put some money in and hoping to make some quick money back out by the price going up, or did not make it through the beginning, because the beginning on Steem is often brutal.

Joe Parys is one of the top instructors on He has a very good income online already and he didn't think it was looking like it'd be worth his time getting started making $3 or $5, even $30 on a post that he worked hard on.

He didn't think this seemed like it was worth his time just on the amount of effort he put in versus the amount of money he got back out of it in the short term, and I explained this is a long-term thing, this is an investment, you keep working on it and you are building something that has gigantic potential.

I hope today this is useful to think of Steem from the beginning as an investment instead of something that's just a profit machine because that's how I think of Steem. I think of Steem today as an investment and I'm all-in on Steem as an investment.

I've got essentially all of my retirement, I've got everything in Steem as far as my investments go. I don't have any other investments. I have Steem Power and that is how I look at Steem.

You can see the results from that as I go to my profile. I bought about $50,000 of Steem by selling all of my stocks, all of my other cryptocurrency investments, and I'm grateful today to have $500,000 worth of Steem along with 23,000 plus followers, along with consistent earnings on my posts, even though I run a voting bot and don't vote anyone else up, people are kind enough to vote my posts up.

I'm very grateful for that and all of that comes from being an investor instead of a consumer. As long as we are consumers we never have enough money and we essentially always spend what we earn before we get a chance to have our money make money for us.

The one percent holding the majority of the wealth in this world, we think of wealth, we think of money, we think of earnings as investments. These are not something to just go buy a new car with and try to look wealthy, this is something to invest in.

I hope this has been useful to avoid the worst trap that happens to us on Steem after we have actually earned something, we don't think of it as an investment we think of it as shopping money or a little extra money. Those of us who reinvest in Steem and hold it as value, we are likely to make something way more valuable than a retirement portfolio somewhere else.

We are likely to make the investment of a lifetime in ourselves and in Steem by taking our Steem Dollars earnings, trading them on the market to buy Steem.

We go back into our wallet to power up that Steem into Steem Power, and then we have reinvested.

We can leave that Steem Power alone indefinitely, and we keep powering up.

Now, obviously, at some point, we might want to take a little bit of a paycheck here and there.

What I did, I just put my earnings back in for months before I took any paycheck, then when the price blew up, I took some paychecks for a while, and then for months more when the price went back down, I just reinvested.

Now that the price blew up again, I've withdrawn some, and yet all my total withdraws are less than 10% of what my account is worth.

In other words, I've kept most of all the principle intact and continued to actually earn interest that way.

If you just literally refresh my account, you will see that my Steem Power goes up all the time, and that's because I'm actually earning a little bit of interest all day, every day.

Thank you very much for experiencing day seven of Steem Basic Training.

I hope this has been useful for you.

Thank you for reading.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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I think investing in Steem is a great idea right now! I have about 2.4k SP delegated to me right now, which is worth around 14-15k USD. My votes are worth about 1 USD each, which due to the weird peg of SBD is worth around 4 USD each.

If I self vote 10 times a day, I earn about 40 dollars, which is around 0.27%. If you compound that daily for a year, that's 156% return per year, assuming the price of Steem doesn't go up! This is why I think Steem is a great investment!

If i wasn't 100% all in on COSS, I'd definitely be spending more on Steem!!

How didn't get your Steem power delegated to you?

Im definately looking to get started in steem

Great strategy...!!

yeah i think thats a good way! also very good that you are not 100% invested in steem.

To go all in is in my opinion not a strategy, it is hope.

Im only since a few days on steemit, but im going to reinvest my earning in steem power too. But i also think about the idea to pay me out just a little bit, to reinvest that money into other cryptocurrencies. The goal behind that is to build up a good diversified crypto-portfolio, just out the earnings on steem.

What do you guys thing about that?

and thank you @jerrybanfield for your great input!
Keep going, you doing a great job!!

Greetings your @futurethinking :)

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@jerrybanfield ofc i voted for you! I also follow you on Youtube and steem! You doing such a great job. I see how much work you put in those posts and videos and thats what i want to appreciate!!

Yes nearly every post of you is usefull! :D

Greetings your @futurethinking

I used to follow you in YouTube and I succeed to sign up and I need just for you to promote my account as I start working hardly as advised. I realize that you are really great and I need your experience so I can also act better. Thanks and see you.

It's amazing if you really think about it. Today, 1 steem may be worth $5 so if you withdraw 100 steem tokens, you just have $500 to yourself and that's cool. Now imagine how it would feel if you could be patient enough to wait for 3 years when 1 steem token would be more than $100 . Imagine how mad you would be at yourself then. So be patient and power up. I know those who sold out 10,000 BTC when it was less than a dollar are now wishing they hadn't done that. Let's not make history repeat itself. Have faith in steem and read more on its development to back your faith in it.

Very true comments and a great approach to Steemit. I will follow you for more advice! Thank you

A few years from now, we could be very wealthy if we invest on steemit. Today, facebook's market cap is more than $ 500 billion. I strongly believe Steemit could reach the same value as FB someday, because we are much better than FB.

Hi Jerry, thanks for all the awesome tips. Is it complicated to set up a own voting bot that could be found on I consider to set one up for me.

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Awesome post. I agree my investment in steemit and some of the other solid cryptos have grown more than my ROTH IRA over the last few months. Steempower price is a lil high than my buy up to price but after reading this post I am thinking about buying more steempower.

Thanks Jerry, i'm of the same mindset, i suck at writting great blogs as you do but i do comment allot and up-vote people that contribute like yourself. I think i actually have you as my representative.
I also buy and reinvest in STEEM, love the platform, this is one if not THE best blockchain. Specially now with DTube. Soon Twitter client and we have it all covered :D
Keep up the awesome work!

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Steemit is a community and it is awesome to see it grow, by people reinvesting into it.

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Great content, and so true. Steemit is growing fast, im really looking forward to see how my work and my investment looks at the end of 2018.

Lot of great people working hard on this platform, totally worth to invest.

@decomoescribir thank you very much for your upvote and nice comment.

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I need thus your support by promoting me.

I think that steam is one of the best investments around at the moment - and it is fun ;-)

I had powered down 30% of my Steem right before it shot up because absolutely everything was going up except Steem and on top of all that I was not really posting because I didn't have time to post.

With all that said, it's easy to get discouraged as I remember you telling me in the past but I am really glad that I kept 70% of my Steem and I am not making that mistake anymore. I am keeping my Steem for many years :)

very lovely post dear

lovely tutorial dear

I have been recruiting people from Facebook to come on to Steemit. I explain it as a "no brainer". People have the opportunity to make money doing exactly what they do on a different platform. The beauty is that you don't even have to be a content creator to receive payoffs. I'm sure most of you have realized but it is not your money that you give away when you upvote someone. Steem power also regenerates every couple of hours. You don't loss it. Participating on this platform is its own form of "mining for bitcoin". Who doesn't wish they mined for bitcoin in its early stages.

@tomanderson thank you very much for your upvote and comment explaining how you bring people from Facebook to Steemit.

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you are genius sir .Feeling very gladly at steemit it's all because of you. I Start my experience after watching your tutorial on youtube.
stay blessed!

Steem is one of the best and safest long term investment imo.

100% agree.

Steemit is too much beneficial site
M crazy for it

You'r doing great job man. This post is helpful for new steem members 😊

Can I get some 5 dollar upvotes?

Would be nice wouldn't it. lol

Great video @jerrybanfield thank you for sharing and showing my account! Yes it is very true! I have invested back everything into steem and have even invested more of my own money since this video :D Thank you for all of your support and the support of this amazing community! I plan on keep doubling down, sharing, and re-investing for the long run!


Joe thank you for giving so much on Steem and trusting us getting started!

@jerrybanfield someone is making a fake account about you like this @jerry-banfield please be careful! :D

lol ,...

Goodone jerry sir..

support me jerry please

Best of Luck-joeparys

"do not waste your time online, INVEST it with"

awesome as always sir @jerrybanfield.

This is another perfect example of staying focused and continue posting, I keep finding excuses that I just don’t have time to write quality post, but this inspires me to keep trying. Thanks!!!

u are my great teacher big brother

invest in SP atm is not a good idea, because the profit return will be small, but it's up to you. It's better to create some good content to earn SD and SP

Great post Jerry. Steem is more than halfway to your predicted #10.00. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks!

Thanks for your knowledge sharing, your post give me alot of adbance. May God Bless U.

I think the reason why many are scared of reinvesting and they'd rather cash out, is because there's an aura of skepticism surrounding the crypto space(steem included). So they'd rather get their rewards out as quickly as possible than suffer a greater loss when the whole thing finally goes least in their point of view

Now, the thing that happens with this is an investment mindset, that this is not something to just make a quick profit on today, to take it out and put it in our wallet, and celebrate, but that this is a long-term investment, that we serve on Steem, and we contribute to the blockchain on Steem.

Thanks @jerrybanfield for this.
I think I need to tweak my mindset to see investing in Steemit platform by using my posts payout to get steem power an important investment.

I've read everything you said using @joeparys account as an example and I clearly align with you on this. Truly, it's better to invest instead of rushing to cash out.

The importance of investment first comes into play when you see that those that invested are doing good and at a certain point they tend to recover from their investment - showing that their investment finally paid out.

Seeing the growth of steem, how steem blockchain seems to scale well, performs faster transactions, gets more applications built ontop of it and solves real life and world issues; without doubt I will say that those who invest now will reap the benefits in future - **just like those who invested early on bitcoins.

Long term investment always pays off

We are likely to make the investment of a lifetime in ourselves and in Steem by taking our Steem Dollars earnings, trading them on the market to buy Steem.

This sums up everything

Thanks once again for this eye opening and educative post. I remain grateful.

Happy Steeming

I initially came across steem before I even knew Steemit even existed. I've actually invested my own money into steem more than earning SBD and/or SP from steemit posts, etc. With this said, I can't say I've actually traded my SBD for steem, then reinvest that steem into SP. Thank you so much @jerrybanfield for pointing this out. I guess we really do learn something new everyday, or at least I do.

steemit is a great platfom by persevering we arrive at everything. we should always try and not give up, ask questions where is the problem? and change our strategy if it is not working , just be patient and everything will be great!

Steemit is an investment I believed have seen several movement of steem dollars. I will love to updated so I will contact u

Thank you @jerrybanfield for the well put together and informative blog. I too have been reinvesting and slowly seeing the fruits of my labor. I appreciate the people like yourself that continues to help and educate those of us still new to the Steemit community. In an effort to grow I will follow and upvote anyone that does the same for me. Cheers!

Jerry I don't have any investment but still can i earn from this platform?

Yes you can, very well

I'm currently just using everything to power up , also buying steem power almost every week.

Seems like other members are also more willing to upvote posts if you have returned the favor with a somewhat high value upvote on their content.

I also think steemit is a platform for investment, I totally agree with you and I will see it a privilege to connect with you sir

Yea sir you are right, steemit is a nice platform for investment. I would like to connect with you

I just got my first payout on steemit

jerry, this article has very useful infromation thanks so much. i'll been glad to see my page my bro!

I love everything this post I will surely contact you to learn more on steemit

Thanks for sharing the secret of your success on steemit... Its really a brilliant idea to invest on steemit instead of spending all so much from your steemit account... One of the major principles of money multiplication is investing some part of income that comes to you

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

I like your words that are highly motivated ,, I want to ask for tips and tricks
from you how to write interesting ,, please help. @jerrybanfield

Hi @jerrybanfield this would be the best investment so far next to education...

I love this keep up the good work

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I think of Steem as an investment for the long run

Hello sir, Great post. I am a big fan of you. I bought a course from you and I learned about steemit that was really good. follow me to support me guys @darkmillionaire

@jerrybanfield , i am looking for making upvote bot like you made , can you please guide me how i made ?

“Think like an investor, not a consumer”. Alas, I have found my next bumper sticker and it’s going right on my 2001 Toyota Corolla.

On a more serious note, everything in this post resonates with me. Not only with regard to steem but with regards to our 9-5 jobs. Instead of spending that pay check even before its hits your account, why not think of other ways to grow that check.

How can i bet and get a upvote from u? @jerrybanfield

It is very important and useful post.Thanks for sharing with us.Upvote and resteem done.

Hey Jerry thank you for sharing such great earning information just got the approval from steemit and made an account, I got to know about this website through your youtube channel and hope to earn some profit. love from Pakistan !!!

It's a pity I don't understand steem good enough ;-(

Exactly what brought me here - I am enjoying this guy.

This made me rethink my approach to Steemit big time! Thanks for the insight and ill be definetely follow you!

Keep up the great work!

@jerrybanfield I would really want to know your take on this. As you might know a lot of whales are powering down and seem to be leaving steemit for good (Dan, the founder, and the original and biggest steemit account included)

I really don't like what I am seeing and I think that this discourages people from joining and sticking to the platform. Also this might be a sign of that Steemit's end is coming at a fast pace...

What do you think about it?

PS: Upvoted this with the hope that Jerry sees it :(

I am here as an investor, long term. Though I am a beginner, i can see the huge benefits of investing in steem. But I don't know how to buy steem. Please guide me.

This is an fabulous post . Its very informative and learned alot. I'm new in steemian and trying to take stand on this platform. Its the best place to invest in modern era. Will you please help me out that how i make good relations.

your video is extremely useful thanks a lot @jerrybanfield

in future it will be a great investment.

I have just started on Steemit and still learning. I like your youtube videos and now started following on Steemit. Your post are always very informative and it is a nice learning experience for new members like me.

Many of your information is very effective, steem and steem powers, many are still unknown. You give us information about these that are very useful for us.


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After the mid-January correction, Steemit will catapult the value of Steem and SBD. They are bound to grow and will earn all good investments. Even @firepower advices to buy Steem anything under 10$.
This is quite an helpful post. Thanks!

I've had a dormant steemit account for about 6 months, now i've seen your post and regret not making more of it. My interest has been piqued!

Great work. I am very new to Steemit but I am hoping learn a lot from you Jerry.

Yes, @jerrybenfield I agree with you. I'm doing this too. I don't invest a lot but did invest a little and get a return from it with a big profit. And I'm continuing reinvesting.

*** Now I'm facing a big problem, and need your attention.
I can't stop Auto Up-Voting.
Please read my problem here on steemit.
I think it's not only my problem, many minnows are facing this problem. Need to fix it as soon as possible.

I always reinvest my steem and steem power. It really is a long term investment to me.

Ofcourse. Steem is agood invesment

This is very useful post for all of steemit members & thanks to share this important content.

I think Steem will have a great future.Steemit is only popular social network on the blockchain.Steem for several weeks shows good results and I think Steem will rise more

Good video although I think it's unfortunate you have to use bots and don't upvote and support your supporters.

@jerrybanfield just another great POST on getting people to think of STEEM as and investment and not an everyday ATM. I think people who POWER UP will be so Happy over the next couple of Years. They may realize a Life Changing Event...............

I joined Steemit less than 40 days ago and have done fairly well. Each week it seems that I get more and more recognition on my posts- thus leading to higher payouts. It has been very tempting to cash out my earnings but instead I’ve powered up almost every thing that I’ve made- with the exception of paying for a few bots here and there (which seems necessary to get your quality posts noticed as a minnow).

Anyways, as much as my family needs the money, I believe in Steemit and Steem and want to support that. I want to earn more Steem Power so I can curate quality posts. I want to give back my success to the minnows who are working hard every day. In the end, I feel good when I power up those Steem that I’ve earned- and I plan to continue to do so. I know that if I stick to it, I will be successful here.

@theessential thank you very much for your comment and explaining how you got started on Steem and your plan to continue to power up.

On SteemD I see you are not voting for any witnesses yet which is normal with about only 5% of users on Steem voting for a witness. Meanwhile, witness votes are the most important we make on Steem because witnesses create our blockchain in real time and are our chosen community leaders.

The easiest way to fully participate is to choose one person we trust as a "proxy" to make all of our witness votes for us. Will you please either add me to your witness votes or set me as a proxy at because this will empower you to indefinitely support me for witness and increase the funding for @budgets?

thanks @jerrybanfield for your reply. I have been trying to learn and understand the role of a witness here on the Steem Blockchain. I am struggling with where to place my votes with so many people “campaigning” for the positions, and not a ton of discernible distinctions between witnesses. I don’t want to proxy out my votes...I am sure that you’d make good choices with my votes, but I won’t learn if I don’t vote myself. Thanks for your candor and your advice.

You did become my first vote though. Thanks again.

thanks for the great info sir voted you as a witness

What a fantastic post. I was really excited reading through it because it feels like you've just validated what I've been doing since I joined this platform a few weeks ago.

I have been reinvesting all of my earnings from posts, comments, and curation back into SP. I'm planning to do this for a long time, with the aim of building something special in the long term.

It can be tough going initially because you obviously don't have a huge number of followers, and posts you've spent a long time on can seemingly go unnoticed, but consistency is definitely the key on this platform.

Just one question for you though. Is it best to use the internal market here to convert to Steem or should I be sending it to Bittrex, converting there, and then sending back to power up?

The internal market is almost always faster and the rate is close to the same as Bittrex!

Thanks for the information

Thank you for the wonderful thoughts. It motivates me to get actively involved and write more quality contents on my post . I am a newbie to the community and there are lots to learn. Although I write mostly about food and life in general, I am also interested in the economic side of this community as well and seeking out the better way to monetize. Thank you.

Great post! Steem is really awesome!

Good! It's necessary to look for new opportunities and Steemit bring you that!

very good post brother.
follback me @fahmiazhar4698

Thank you for this tutorial

Wow this post got to me... Got me thinking really hard

wow friend you great ...... thanks for share very nice and helpful video ... and i like your video....

i agree with you because steem is the future and steemit will be the most poweful social media soon
so i think we must invest our money and time on steemit (strategy)

For a newbie like me in steemit so what you guys suggest me...let's say I make around 15 usd after 7 days...can I invest with what I got? is it enough?...can anyone suggest me a post for beginner..basic explanation everything about steemit?is there anyone who did this kind of post leave a comment here..I will go take a look, read & try to understand step by step..thanks a lot!

@jerrybandfield this is awesome! Some how we all flow at the same frequency.. Thinking of steem as an investment should be the best decision any member of this community should make.

Lately I dropped a post on my blog Predicting the 7 things that will become reality between 23rd January to 31st December 2018. Which made me drop some salient point that social media especially when it comes to steemit is no longer business as usual. I state categorically that steemit is the future of social media.

After which I encouraged my audience to see it as investemt.

Currently I kicked off with a series ** Cashflow Quadrant** which explain the mindset of different business people when it comes to earning..

I am saying all this jerry to change the mindset of many that aint ready to pay the ultimate price now for tommorow..

I considered it an investemt from the very moment I signed up even though i am just 16days old here.

I hope you will take out time to visit my blog.

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I am from the old school when it comes to my retirement. Which says DIVERSITY is King when it comes portfolio allocation. No more than 3% in any one investment. With the special exception of "Special Knowledge" then you can go to 10% MAX. So even if you consider Steem an Investment that you have special knowledge of, you should still limit your exposure to 10% of your retirement portfolio. If you have "Mad Money" that you want to blow having a good time on Steemit. By all means go for it.

Definitely. As soon as the check comes in, this is where it's going.

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Wow, awesome post. Steemit to me is like a prayer answered. Its just like magic how it solves some of my financial challenges. Even though I'm new on Steemit, I see that the future here is bright. Thanks so much @jerrybanfield

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I just came accross one elguarodigital little while ago. Thanks for pointing it out. I almost fell for it.

The beauty of Steemit is that it is many thing to many people. But I don't know if I would call what you did "investing". I would say taking your life savings and sinking it into a dream, putting money in and not taking a paycheck is more like what an entrepreneur or business owner would do. Also as a witness you can have a direct affect on the success by working tirelessly to improve the platform. Again something an investor is not normally involved in.
People who risk it all for a dream need to go into it with their eyes wide open and realize they are in fact risking it all and that means they could walk away with nothing in the end.
Personally I think you are being irresponsible for not warning people that what you did is extremely risky and they should be very careful about putting all of their retirement money in one place.