How to Earn a Resteem to 30,000 Followers?

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Resteeming a post on Steem adds it to our blogs indefinitely and publishes it to all of our follower feeds instantly. Every post on my blog, including resteems, goes out in the Steem feed to 30,000+ followers, shows in my Steem blog page indefinitely, appears as a post on my Facebook page with 2,239,397 followers, and goes out as a tweet on Twitter to 103,260 more followers.

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Every post I write or resteem receives 1,000 to 20,000+ organic impressions on social media when combining all social media platforms resulting in hundreds of readers viewing most every post along with upvotes and comments on the best. This is a big responsibility we have given me that I need help with.

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This @dtube video and the matching text in this post provides a transparent system all of us are invited to participate in to help me choose the best posts to resteem.

I Intend to Resteem 5 Times for Every 1 Post I Make!

For the first seven months on Steem, I rationalized not resteeming because "it made my blog harder to read" and "would frustrate readers." While there is some truth to this, I also was missing out on my best chance to give back resulting in constant feelings of insecurity even as my follower rank climbed up now to #5 out of 750,000+ accounts. An insecure author must horde followers and avoid anything that might scare them away like resteeming a disagreeable post or even sharing a post so good that readers might forget the resteemer.

A secure author on Steem is likely to resteem MORE than post because the author has so much love, trust, and confidence in readers that the author is not afraid to "lose" readers to other authors and enjoys connecting readers with other authors that they might enjoy. @aggroed turned me onto this in our interview where we can quickly see after posting it I started finally resteeming more.

What I love about resteeming is the feeling of confidence I get in my place in our community for the first time combined with the feelings of love and generosity I experience every time I resteem in helping so many of us readers discover new authors and continue following those we forgot about. Resteeming has been the biggest opportunity I have missed so far and finally has left me feeling whole here.

Naturally I am an ALL IN kind of guy meaning now I intend to resteem consistently throughout every day while then just sticking to one or two posts a day myself including more short form posts and videos. Instead of obsessing just about my own earnings, I now am invested in helping those I resteem earn more which is a huge relief from just focusing on myself.

The question becomes then how do I setup a way for us to collaborate on helping me have access every day to the best posts to resteem? How do we make a system that is fair and transparent?

Three Methods to Request a Resteem!

  1. Request resteems and curate requests in my discord channel at For 99% of us, this is the method we are likely to want to participate in because it is free, easy to get started with, and requires an investment of time curating resteem requests by others. To participate, join the "resteem-requests" channel in the "Jerry Banfield and Friends" discord and start reacting to requests by others FIRST! After reading posts by others and finding the best, then any of us are welcome to share a link to one or two of our posts. Naturally the more we are generous in reacting to posts by others, the more we will receive reactions back from others. I browse this by authors I recognize and I am now ignoring requests with no reactions and self reactions. The way I recognize authors is to see positive and negative feedback on posts by others. Reactions allow me to see which posts are great right away and which are not therefore saving me hours of reading. I encourage reactions both in terms of liking/loving a post and disagreeing/disliking posts by others. For those of us not having the time or desire to read through ten or twenty posts for every request we make, I have a faster option.
  2. Partners from are able to request resteems and share posts directly with other partners in the partners discord channel which is not visible to everyone. Becoming a partner costs $49 a month or $999 for a lifetime payment. Payments can be sent in Steem and SBD to @jerrybanfieldroi at the current market price as well as made with a credit card on Patreon and my website. The top 30 witness voters and top 30 upvoters on my Steem posts are also included as partners as long as the top 30 position is maintained. What most partners like best is access to a weekly call at 9 pm EST in the partner voice channel.
  3. Occasionally I accept Friend requests on discord and direct messages on from users I recognize which provides access to message me with posts to read. Naturally my friends list is limited and not easy to get on outside of being a partner or top voter because my time for being a friend is limited. Any of us are welcome to attempt make requests on discord or via direct messages on instead of using the first to methods if we realize that this will usually fail as 99% of requests so far have. I filmed this video and wrote this post with the hope you can know what works and what does not to get connected with me.

Who Is Next?

I have two posts ready to resteem and after that I am looking for the next 5 to 10 every day! Will you be next? We shall see!

Thank you for reading this post which I hope was useful when you want to collaborate on having me resteem your post!

Jerry Banfield

PS: I am grateful 5,258 of us have voted for me as a witness and/or set me as a proxy at because witnesses on Steem produce the new blocks every 3 seconds the way miners do on other blockchains. Will you please add me to your witness votes today or set me as a proxy because witness votes are the most important we make on Steem?

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No wonder he’s called Mr. Steemit

First I am hearing of it lol

That won't work because we already have a mrs.steemit, and they are not together. Haha

Who is that mrs.steemit? Please tell to those who don't know as I don't.

Thank you @queenjeneene for clarifying this issue to me. Though I imagined her slightly different. ;)

Good stuff @jerrybanfield. I love that you're always looking for ways to give back to the Steemit community and I think this is another great way to do so. Let me know if there's any way I can help out.

Thank you Brandon for your consistent support! So far the biggest help we need is curation in the resteem requests channel in the form of reactions to the posts!

I voted for you a very long time ago :)
Man I love the work you do, I feel that you are Ellon Musk and I own Tesla. When I see the innovation and work that you do.

Keep up the great posts Jerry!

thanks jerry i've learned a lot from you


Hello @jerrybanfield sir.

I am happy that you have decided to help the community via resteeming worthy posts. The three methods to get you resteem posts are quite innovative and worthy of Commendations. I will be taking a closer look at it to work out where I fit in.

More than anything else, I am grateful to you for finding my post worthy of resteem yesterday. May God bless you richly. RESTEEMED

@eurogee of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

@eurogee thank you for the resteem I just followed you!

Wow...what a good news! Thank God today is Sunday...I should be going for Thanksgiving in the church for this achievement of getting a respected Steemian Follower. Thank you!!!


Thank you Jerry...Love your content and what you are doing for is the Steem/USD project going?

There is a genuine way of following algo and you are just setting a good example of that . very glad to see that. Kudos

Thanks for sharing a great idea.

During my time at Steemit I have learned a lot and this has changed the way I see things, everything arrives in its moment no matter the time or the place everything depends on the opportunities that may arise and the capacity we have for take advantage of 100%.

We can build a tower of ideas and turn them into reality, if we focus on what we want it sounds like something that only happens in movies but the truth is that in Steemit dreams can come true, with motivation and vision to the future to achieve what we want.

Within Steemit there are endless projects that have great ideas, others that are in full growth as well as some projects with more humanitarian purposes that really leave the name of steemit at the top of the world filling the entire community with pride . These projects generate enough energy in this platform to continue working on innovative projects. This brings a great responsibility, since our most loyal followers are waiting for good content and ideas that can help us grow as a group and we can share this knowledge with the other users that make up the Steemit family. @jerrybanfield

Greetings from Venezuela, Here thanks to Steemit we continue working for a better future. Collection of funds to carry a large donation to a school of special children ...

With your permission, I leave here the link if you want to know what we are achieving thanks to the Steemit community.

I read this outloud on the radio show today. I love this comment and so did everyone who heard it. :)

Unbelievable, thank you for that, you are really changing the lives of many here in Venezuela! I am glad that I have the great honor of meeting you, whether it be through steemit, God bless you, a hug brother! @sircork

Resteeming... I used to be skeptical about this because I felt my posts will be buried and someone visiting my blog won't see my content..
But I've seen it in another perspective now.

@ubongj thank you I experienced the exact same journey and am happy to see you can see what I see now!

Yes.. Thanks a lot

Yes.. Thanks a lot

Thanks for the post Jerry!

It's been great seeing how far you've come on steemit. I remember when you were just getting started and sending you super chats on youtube livestreams and the work you've done since then has been great not only for yourself, but for your family and this community as well : ).

Would love to send you a friend request on discord and chat a bit. No pressure and no obligation, just let me know if you're willing!

Keep doing what you do my friend, steemit is better for it : )

Thanks Jerry

nice post and thanks I always wanted to know about it

Is it easy for the newbie in Steemit Family?


Habib compared to Facebook and Twitter definitely!

Are you actually saying it is easy? Or have I been lazy with the principles

I am a minnow who joined two weeks ago. Although I am still learning but do enjoy introducing my freinds into steemit, teaching them the little I know.
This post is educating and I love it.
Thanks @jerrybanfeild

Being a newbie am still trying to stabilize and learn how and what to resteem thank you @jerrybanfield for this great tutoring


great initiative. this will encourage authors to do their best and also the struggling ones will get the horror story contest still on?

ohh thank you @jerrybanfield sir. i will submit mine tomorrow

I just observed that steemit is all about exposure
and thats where
@jerrybanfield sets in
I am glad to follow

Great helpful post air, I am new user, I want to learn steem, you are great, I like your post, thank you
Up and resteem done

@jerrybanfield, thanks for sharing this and it's exactly what I have been waiting to read and digest. But please in your post above, you mentioned something about discord which I didn't get after the whole texts. Kindly take your time to tell me more about it. Don't mind me please, I am a newbie so I need to be inquisitive to be successful on steemit. Thanks

This means that you should go here: and register if you want to.

Mr Jerry Banfield I have only one questions to ask you, I've followed your blog since day 1 of me joining Steemit, why is it always difficult for you to Upvote peoples comment on your post? Especially those reasonable comments that relates to your post?
Cant you see, you are losing enough fans and upvotes, unlike you, once you drop a post, before an hour time, it will pass $90 to $900.
Start upvoting for people, show love to your fans by upvoting for them. Come on, you are a whale, you got nothing to lose.
And don't take it personal, just an observation, you still one of those I wish to be like but show LOVE to you fans.
Thanks you and have a good day.

I will go upvote here good comments instead of @jerrybanfield )) ok?)

Thank you so much for making us so beautiful that you know what you like most about any of your posts I give you the information that you really are many things and the articles you write are so great I love you so much that I think you are our newcomers who are new I'm coming here to understand 1 of them, you go to the same way and go through the information that is given to me. I'm waiting for the next post to thank you so much for posting so suspiciously

I will definitely try it! All the ways you just mentioned, as soon as I post my next post. I wish I can win your resteem than.))

Resteem me Jerry. Remember everything I've done for you!

This is wonderful writing you share always & thanks a lot to share this content with us.

Great info shared by you sir @jerrybanfield , in this way all steemit users can get irganic traffic outside of steemit networks, where they could not earn a single penny. It is requested you to make a demo video to do this in detail. Follow me @abdulemarketer and help me to achieve my first hard goal of 1000+ followers. Thanks in advance.

amazing post.
i appreciate your post.
thanks for sharing dtube..............resteemit.

as usual the best information thank you dear @jerrybanfield for you amazing posts.

That’s very kind, @Jerrybanfield. I am an Egyptian writer & the author of 7 boooks — I hope you will consider resteeming this poetry reading: Cheers ✌🏼

Jerry, you're a constant source of inspiration to this newbie here on Steemit. I'm learning so much and trying to figure out the best way to post and share here so will start resteeming more posts each day. Thanks for your great advice!

So much to learn. I appreciate all that you share.

Great way to give back to the community. I hope minnows are benefitted from this.

Congratulation @jerrybanfield.. Your follower very good.. Good job

I lobe your attitude towards promoting steemit and encouraging people....i really do hope to earn a resteem from you. @jerrybanfield

Thank you sir @jerrybanfield for having we authors in mind. It has not been easy struggling for recognition on steemit. Thanks to you sir

Thank's to @jerrybanfield for such nice initiative.That will help people a lot,specially to the new comer.I also posted a post today check it out if you have time.@upvoted and resteemed

The battle royale may commence!😁 The winner gets a reesteem from Jerry, the losers suffer a terrible, untimely demise. Who shall be the victor? Who shall take home the glory and a trunk load of SBD? No one knows. 😂
I shall bring my weapon of choice to the fight, my trusty bow and use my violin as a blunt object.(or maybe best keep it in my case 😂)... Onward minnows!

It's very helpful article for me to improve myself on thanks @jerrybanfield

This is Great. Helps Me Understand the Platform Better. Kudos!

@jerrybanfield Great post! Thanx for the info. many steemians can definitely find this useful... especially me. Steem on :D

wow it is really good..
check second gameplay post :

I agree very strongly with your assessment of what a secure leader does in contrast with the opposite. Recently I saw a YT video and Steemit article with it included that took pot shots at you and it really lowered my opinion of that person. I was actually on the verge of writing him to caution him not to go down that negative route of comparing himself to others and envying their success being greater than his (when he clearly thinks his expertise is more substantial). But I decided to let it go and not get pulled into the negativity myself. Then just hours after making that decision, I see this post from you. Well that settles it, as to which of you is to be trusted as the true leader.

I have to tell you, I've been hearing your name around for years and can't believe I waited this long to look more closely. I'm only on Steemit at all because of you. You have opened up a pathway for people with diverse interests to see a place for them on this platform.

There is so much overlap between us that its starting to feel like you're a "brother from another mother" (and father, and neighborhood, and, well you get the idea). We both share a history in business consulting/training, spiritual life, online courses, and crypto. (I guess that's why I took it kind of personally when this other crypto expert was being negative about your digital marketer background and courses. As if there was only one way to make a contribution to the community!)

I'm really new on Steemit (less than a week) but am participating in lots of different things you're putting out. You've helped me so much already, with your generous sharing of Steemit training material and all your contests and the bot and on and on. I truly give thanks for you Jerry, and wish you the greatest prosperity with all you're doing. I know it's a lot of work to be putting out so much productive content on so many different fronts. I know because to a lesser degree I do the same and here we are online on a holiday weekend! Well just want to make sure it gets in your ear, you are appreciated.

@indigoocean thank you very much for joining us here and helping me see as you do! I appreciate you helping me discover your recent post at which I will be resteeming soon!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Greetess Post,,,,
Good Luck....

Relations in steemit play a very important role , addtional to that on what you wrote is helping alot. Thank u

To be honest. I had no clue that you had 30K followers on Steem. That's incredible! Id love to get there soon :)

I have to agree. As a musician I see the same thing on SoundCloud - people asking for reposts and when you look at their feed the only thing there is their own tracks. I actually look at those people and the first word that springs to mind is "selfish".

I am part of a very supportive community of musicians on Steemit and we have a designated time every day when we upload a song to dsound and then all upvote and resteem each other.

It's so much more rewarding than just looking out how you can protect your own feed!

Thanks Jerry! Im very new but have always enjoyed sharing quality content on social media. I like this strategy you are using for the benefit of many instead of just yourself. That is rare indeed. But maybe we make it more prevalent through the world of blockchain?!?!?!?!? Im resteeming this for sure :-)

Man, @jerrybanfield, I like this initiative. I haven't been following you for too long but I like your work. I had no idea your sphere of influence was so large. I appreciate what you have going here. Getting peoples work out infront of that many people could change someones world. I am going to look into all of your different avenues of getting my work resteemed, and maybe get my world changed! 🙃 Be well!


first time i visited your post. This is great article. happy to see your content.
I followed you. Good luck for further.

@jerrybanfield you are doing terrific job. You always come up with unique ideas thats why the No. of your followers and readers increases day by day.
I appreciate your contribution to this community.
BTW upvoted and resteemed

With love

You are the man, Jerry! I saw a video of yours on Youtube about a month ago about Steemit, it seemed good to me so I signed-up. Now that I've learned my way around the Steemit World a little bit, I am having tons of fun! I have watched ALL of your videos and they have helped me tremendously! It is obvious that Steemit is a better place since you joined - your contributions to the community are unmatched and very much appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work my friend!

smileys hat.jpg

Scott thank you for joining us here and for watching so many videos! With doing them in my bedroom by myself, your comment and those from fellow viewers are the main way I know the videos are worth doing and stay motivated to do more!

You’re my inspiration to start steemit , keep it up man . You are simply awesome :D .

this is the right direction for me, also I run it all to be more awakened in steemit, this community must have proper guidance and direction, thanks @jerrybanfield.


Well your awesome, I really don't create any content so I don't think will ever get a following like yourself. Great article. Thanks. I'll upvote you my meager .03 I currently have @berniesanders pounding my you know what, because I like things he doesn't care for so I'll never get back to a full 100% unless I dump a small fortune into steem to get ahead. Just a fish. lol and re-steem my friend. Peace, Kris

Kris lol I think some of us try enjoy a good pounding to help motivate us to get to the next level and I am very grateful for your support!

Good initiative @jerrybanfield been following for a while now and i can now see that you are out to help out and would like to subscribe to your program for a month.

Please @jerrybanfield upvote me. Be my tutor. Please

nice trick that is
really that is appreciated dear
resteemit done

Man you are a genius how can we think like to be with you. But we can only get inspired by You. We can take your success as our roadmap. Keep inspiring and be more successful :)

It's amazing, I want to be like you

interesting information

omg!! excellent post thax

You are one of my witnesses. I hope i impress you some day with my work and worth your resteem. Thanks for the nice work. I am @adoore-eu

Nice and educative lovely .. I cant do without this....

That is an incredible number of exposure between all the different platforms. I just started on steemit and only had time to really check it out for just 3 days. I wish I had a nice blog or something to offer up for resteem, but what little I have done is not that polished yet, I’ll be back when it is.

Interesting post!
Am new to this platform
Kindly upvote my post

Too bad everyone doesn't think like this. If the people who say they are about helping the community, any community really, would act on their words the entire planet would be a much better place... too bad most everyone is more talk than action.

Thanks for everything @jerrybanfield you are a great man!

Thank you @jerrybanfield very useful science

Lovely initiative, because resteeming is one of the most helpful thing you can do for anyone .. On Facebook you would have to pay quite a few dollars to get that kind of exposure...

You have Always been a Great content creator, supporter And Team player, which is why I voted you witness! ReSteem On!

Thank you Alex for voting for me as a witness at and for all that your posts have done to change my life!

Will definitely participate

Really sir,,, this the educational post.
I like to read and Learn...
Great information
Thanks to share

I discussed this resteeming with the person who introduced me to Steemit this afternoon , I don't understand the full depth of it. I have some knowledge now please i want you to help me with resteeming and tips on how to help my steemit account grow.

Thanks for sharing this information. I appreciate it

I didn't know you have 1 million followers on fb .

Nice news,, great your post,

You are awesome Jerry, I'm so grateful for all your job you do here on Steemit! It really means a lot to us and helps us grow. Thank you so much :)

this is @jerrybanfield jack of all trades and Master at all

Nice idea of letting other Steemit users help you filter the good content, maybe this way people will actually start reading posts instead of becoming robot users :)

I am a fan of jerrybanfield

Plz vote my new post

wow, excellent post dear @jerrybanfield
we are waiting your next post

hey @jerrybanfield I would like to vote for you to be a witness but I don't know how to do so. Could you direct me please?

This is a new way to develop our steemit account, such as my account as a newbie. Thanks a lot to @jerrybanfield

really you have much talent jerry. i like your post. I crushed on your post really. take it up. i upvoted and resteemed you post.
thank you

resteem done.

Such a good stuff sir. Keep it up

sir you are truely amazing i was just watching your video on youtube and its crazy how much knowledge you have and you truely show people how to use steemit thank you for that public service. i want to learn more thats why i am following your channel on youtube and steemit .
one day i want to do the same for other steemers.

Nice..very-very interisting..

Hey Jerry, been a fan of yours since buying a couple courses from you on Udemy.

When I first heard about Steemit approximately 2.5 weeks ago (seems soooo long now), I started researching and it was your videos on Youtube that made me decide to join.

Thanks for all that you have been doing for so long to assist, educate and inspire those you come into contact with via your website and various social media platforms.

You are in action, transforming the world's consciousness in out-of-the-box ways. Your presence and contributions to the growth and advances here on Steemit only compound that.

I've already upvoted, resteemed and joined your discord channel and list. Now I'll FB/tweet this post because many of your fans outside of Steemit will see one other way you're willing to assist them to succeed here.

I'm not sure how good I'll be, but I'll also assist with first level curation of resteem requests on your channel.

great work sir .
it will help us a lot.

@jerrybanfield thanks for the fresh hope and inspiration you give everyday to us expecially the newbies as it can really be frustrating atimes trying to mingle , get people's attention and all of that .However, i am open to ideas that will make me more reconisable , thanks.

I need help, to be a little amused by what I can now. but need to learn a lot more neighbor all this, your post, just have meaning for my science about steem, tq jerry