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Wow. That's a lot! I'm glad you survived it all.

the new ones I did get where mostly freeloaders who wanted something for nothing.

Yeah, welcome to the 21st Century. That's the new normal sadly.

I'm sorry you had to wrap up the business, but if it wasn't serving you, then good riddance.

Steem is completly different now. The price of Steem is in the gutter compared to when you made your last post. It's probably an opportunity to obtain some and increase influence - but only if you believe the price will go back up and Steem will make it.

Thanks for stopping by my post, and welcome back.

Thanks for the welcome back. I am trying to figure some of the new changes out. For instance, my potential payout yesterday afternoon was $10+, now it is around.33.

Would you know why?

Yes, because a whale has downvoted your post. He's a malicious player with a lot of SP and he's out to troll the platform. He downvotes all my posts to zero, so I'm mostly not making anything on my posts currently.

I'm so sorry to see that has happened to you on your first post back. Not very encouraging.

Nope, and if it happens again, Im outta here.

Please dont let them make you leave.. eventually it will stop. If they see they can have such powerful reactions they will just keep doing it. :( I have been getting downvotes too, though tiny ones, but I know how discouraging it is. I wish you much love, truly. I sent you some cake. And @yidneth sent me to send the cake. You have a love train about to show up with some extra love. We will counteract that meanness. Just watch.
Cheers to you, and screw the grinches.
♥- Serena

p.s. I followed, upvoted and resteemed. I am but a tiny minnow with no good vote, but it is to send positivity to your day, which I hope is here on out a beautiful one.

I got the flag too, though I've got a some upvotes from the community later, I was oblivious to what was happening apparently he/she (dunno reallywho he is) flagged everything on your feed including your resteems which shows really no logic or respect. Downvoting something you likely haven't even read. @joebrochin do not worry, I got a big downvote myself and it was random... we just happened to be in the "middle of a feed" that was entirely downvoted and it makes no logic because it hasn't and it's not ours nor Ades fault.

You got a downvote from a lump who’s obliterating people’s posts on a whim. They became the target of #NewSteem - a community effort to revise the economy of post promotion. This user who downvoted you, runs in tandem with an individual that posts at the maximum to ‘game’ the returns, and as a result, the community reprimanded them. As a favor, they’ve been retaliating on hustlers like you and me, to spite those that burned them over their rapacious tactics.

I understand it’s frustrating, but if you pack up and ship out, those that do harm will prevail, and those of us happy to see your return will have failed you. Mute this user from otherwise seeing your content, and make strides despite the blow.

“They hate to see you shine, that’s why they frownin’ all the time.”

Even though the price of steem is in the gutter, the EIP changes do seem to have made a significant difference in terms of the amount of quality content being upvoted well. People are earning way more steem for good content than pre HF21 thats for sure. Curation is becoming king here so even though dollar value per steem is down, a lot of people are seeing dollar value per post going up.

the best thing when you are down is that not where to go but up! so .... enjoy the ride up!

Well done for coming back on track as most people would give up if they were you. Having full time job and business isn't easy these days and load of sacrifice have to be made, both socially and financially. I do not even mention the time spend to keep it all together and running. I feel you, I really do. Well done pal!

Thanks. Hoping to keep it at an even pace now. Starting my Doctorate soon and can see my time getting tapped again. Trying not to take on anymore than necessary.

Doctorate sounds amazing! Keep up the good work! 👍

Thanks for putting it all out there and being open.

Yeah, it helped getting it off my chest.

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Yidneth has sent you the power of cake, via helpie.. hugs to you! hoping for many "ups" to come. Sweetest blessings your way. ♥- Serena
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Thank you very much for the "cake" :-)

You are quite welcome!!! I have plenty more where that came from ;)

And if you ever would be interested in joining @helpie, let me know! The door is open.

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Nice story, quite interesting to read. Welcome back
@tipu curate

Aww life happens right... I've been myself a bit away, in and out... Also have lost gist of all the changes at steem lately. Work for all that's worth, life, happiness and setting again new goals to achieve :) and wb!

Thanks. I hope to remain present on Steem, but not all the time. I would like to post once every day, or maybe two

Oh I would not be able to keep up, so I just don't think about it, I just post when I find the time and I find there are so many friends and a community that I miss when I've not been around. So I usually find my way back ;)