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RE: "Better the Devils you know, than the Devil you don't" ... Migrating to a new blockchain

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I agree with all of this, but the question is will he? Nothing we have seen to date leads me to believe he has serious plans for steem or steemit. He doesn't do anything on here or really even mention it on his twitter. This might have been his plan initially (growing the ecosystem and creating value), but are you seeing any evidence that this is still his plan?



At this point, who knows? My guess is that he's trying to let the dust settle, to let people cool down. At this point, if he posted, "Good Morning," there would those who would have a fit.

My guess is that there are private communications going on between him and some of the Whales/Witnesses. The more pragmatic of the Whales/Witnesses know that the status quo is not sustainable and that he's not just going to walk away from $10-12 million.