Why you should build on top of Steem?

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Be it a business or simple application you should build on top of Steem blockchain right now. In this post I will explain why and benefits of doing that.

These days, Ethereum is widely used to crowdfund/bootstrap projects. Nothing wrong with that and in fact eth is thriving from that network effect. But would they survive or deliver actual product that is used by many? I have my doubts but who knows right... for the last 2-3 years I witnessed number of ambitious projects started on top of Ethereum but so far none of them stands out or can be used by mainstream users.


Few points:

1.Development cost is quite high when you are using Ethereum because every transaction or contract cost you gas/eth. I believe everyone using testnet to do code review/tests. But contracts and apps will still rely on fees when they are released. Average users don't use system where they have to pay fee to participate everytime. On Steem you can start for free and you don't pay anything for transactions and development cost is less compare to other chains.

2.Businesses/Projects needs initial funding, ico and crowdfunding is core features of Steem. You are funded by community via upvotes. And with upcoming community tokens you can even do ICOs and additional token creations, distribution, more...

3.Community, users and demand. Every project should form a community and users around project and Steem already has huge number of users and they are active daily. You get instant testers and users for your product.

4.Beside that real users, community, reputation and support by using built-in features. As we grow and innovate more, I am sure we will be front of mainstream adoption.

5.API and development tools on top of Steem is extensive. It is as easy as building websites and it only gets better.

You can check steemtools.com to see number of applications which all got built and crowdfunded through Steem. If you are developer, entrepreneur, community builder or have ideas that can help to improve lives of many start building now...

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