Everything has its downside, we just need to push the upside. has an awesome UI if people don’t like

Even the best UI, we have what it takes to really compete at the topmost level but I guess it takes a lot of work yeah

It’s not only the product, it’s the marketing and the customer support (retention). Every good author needs to be welcomed with a red carpet and a relationship manager appointed to look after them perpetually. There should be like one user experience manager hired per 500 ppl let’s say to provide support and advice to new bloggers.

I exactly share your views, I was arguing with someone sometimes ago and they say welcoming every good author with a red carpet reception isn't the priority and I see how lost she was, the system isn't built up to do this and like you said marketing is essential it provides a sort of awareness at a bigger stage

The new Rolls Royce wants it's owner to feel the red carpet effect all the time, hence it added an under carriage red light to simulate the red carpet, if Rolls Royce thinks that's the way to a consumers' heart we should take heed.

That example there is definitely top notch but the way I'm seeing steem it's like the mentality is that users should be worthy of Steem and not otherwise I think the effect slows mass adoption and we better start thinking of the users satisfaction

Exactly, user welcome and continuous satisfaction and account management.

Thanks for your continuous reply it was really a productive conversation and I'm glad to relate with your contents I hope to still see more of them.