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RE: For PH community members only: few words about our curation trail

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Hello @coach.piotr
It is truly a rule that serves everyone to grow.
Since, as you say, there's a chance we can grow the account. It is necessary.
And becoming a dolphin or a whale is what we must all aim for.

I think that would be ideal, because it means that as we grow, so will the PH.
And it would allow us in the medium term to be a community of dolphins and whales and that would be great, because we could support many more people. Which is also one of the reasons why PH exists.
For my part, I am aiming to close the year 2020 as a dolphin, no less than 8000milSP and HP.
That is the goal. In the medium term. I'm on my way.
Making those points clear is important, it's not just about publishing. It's also about interaction. Supporting each other with recommendations.
At least for me it should be.


It is truly a rule that serves everyone to grow.

I like to believe so too @josevas217

Reality is that it's hard to tell how long will TheRising support us. It's important to use that given opportunity to grow as a community.

Also it's worth to remember, that I'm currently in charge of real serious voting power. It comes with some responsibilities. Last think I want is to create community, where most members would be dumping all solid rewards - killing price of STEEM. This would mean, that our community would be a liability for STEEM/HIVE blockchain.

Thanks for encouraging words
Yours, Piotr

Yes, it's a responsibility, it certainly is. It cannot be taken lightly and administering such power must be done with great conscience.

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