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Binance came out with a list of coins they are likely to add to their Binance US exchange...

Unfortunately for all of us, Steem was not on that list.

I am not really sure why it wasn't on that list to be honest, but perhaps there is something we can do about it.

Here is a list of the coins they are looking at adding as of right now:


I am not sure if Steemit,Inc needs to contact them or whether it has more to do with Coinmaketcap Rankings along with overall volume totals?

At the very least there may be something we can do.

Perhaps us leaving comments requesting a Steem listing on their twitter might help, it can't hurt:

Binance US Twitter:
Binance Twitter:
CEO of Binance:

Also, here is their support page:

If that doesn't help, perhaps Steemit,Inc can contact them about what needs to be done for a listing...

What do you say Steemit,Inc?

@steemitblog @birdinc @elipowell @andrarchy @justinw @roadscape @vandeberg @gerbino @ned

Any chance we can get in touch with them about a Steem listing?

Considering that many users of Steem are currently in the US, them losing access to another exchange is potentially a big deal.

Apart from a Coinbase listing (and perhaps a Bitfinex listing), this should be the next highest listing priority.

It makes no sense to me that Steem has some of the most widely used applications, yet we have such a difficult time getting listed on exchanges, it shouldn't be like that.

Stay informed my friends.



Really wish this would happen already or at least get some response from @steem @steemit @steemitblog

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Pay them enough money and you will see steem on this exchange. Money rules the (Crypto)world.

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If that's the case, any money spent on Coinbase and or Binance likely pays for itself with their weekly steem sales as the price goes up...

Pay some money to open the door/get in. I think thats the reason why a lot of shitcoins listed on many exchanges. There a lot of coins nobody knows what the f*** are they , but steem, the most active Blockchain(in my opinion) is not listed. It depends on how much you pay.

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It may, we just don't really know for sure.

Not sure if this is the figure, but it has been reported that Binance demands 2.6 million to get listed on their exchange.

I speculate that they will want a fee again, and some like Steemit might not have it to spare AGAIN, or refuse to on principle.

Given how far Steem has fallen, they also might simply view it as a shit coin now and prefer not to deal with it.

Could be, worth looking into regardless.

I thought Steem WAS on binance. Pretty I've bought it on binance before.

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Binance US will be the exchange available to US based users since they are getting the boot from the original Binance in September.

Oh, didn't realize they had a different site in the US than Canada. But i guess that makes sense if we have different laws.

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It is set to launch in the coming months but they listed some coins likely to be listed. Steem was not on that list.

I think from a regulatory standpoint Steem should have godd chances to be traded on the US exchange, since Steem didn't had an ico and it is an utility Token.

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I would think so as well. They had a pre mine but no ICO.

It’s more of a regulatory issue than anything, even the Binance DEX will be blocked to US customers. Getting Steem in there in this case may not be up to Binance alone— but you’re right, I’m sure there’s something Steemit Inc (or the community) can do to find out the new requirements and meet them.

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I would think steem would be fine from a regulatory perspective since no ICO?

My Option Steem and SBD need more exposure and awareness than ever before. and here is the kind. We all know the awareness will attract both Old and New potential individuals.
It worth a try. @ned
I recently came back on Steemit after a year has gone-by and I invested again. through an Interest a gain by @adenijiadeshina

Yep, that is exactly what steem needs. We are not on nearly enough exchanges in the first place.

Maybe Steemit Inc would consider this a good move for shortly after HF21. The more exchanges Steem is on the better.

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Yep. A listing on here and Coinbase could do wonders...

may i known steem price

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Wait didn't binance already list steem .. things change in 2 years

This is for Binance US. Any users in the US will no longer be able to trade steem on the regular Binance exchange come September.

when it comes to binance only their monopoly works there

Steem needs a listing.

@nathanmars asked about it to CZ on Twitter not so long ago and he kindly answered with the link to fill a request form asking for the CEO signature, I myself tagged the Steemit guys and no one care about

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Keep at it, the squeeky wheel gets the oil.