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The Crypto industry is watching very closely to see how this Steem hardfork turns out

In a tweet put out this morning by the co-founder of ethereum, Vitalik Buterin says that he is watching closely what is going on...

Specifically, he talks about how this could be a "watershed moment" for the whole industry in terms of crypto governance.

Check it out:


As I mentioned yesterday, if HIVE ends up not being successful, it won't be due to a lack of awareness...

The whole industry is aware and talking about this!

We have industry heavyweights and news outlets all talking about it.

Stay informed my friends.



Justin Sun with a freedom loving and decentralization comment to Vitalik.

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Yep, saw that as well. I am curious what his plans are. I would bet he has bought a lot of steem in the past 24 hours and is holding it on an exchange to get that HIVE airdrop...

I am very curious to know what will you do.
Will you switch everything to Hive or keep both?

I just can't believe @justinsunsteemit has reached this level of toxicity. I thought this guy knew how to do marketing.

You see the latest steemitblog post?

Yes, I've seen it.... withouth words.

Success seems to bring much judgement with it; for me at least. It has long been my position that to believe in the concept of DPoS one would have to assume that all stake holders had a desire for the project to succeed; yet not all stake holders shared the same image of what that success might mean.

So there could be two successes. An almost half a million a strong community could finally leave home and shake the corporate beginnings of the STEEM blockchain and continue to create worthy content on a sister chain.

Mr. Sun could continue on in the corporate vision of seeking profit. An ad revenue stream was created before the sale of Steemit Inc. and Google is not likely to change links to the content. Just imagine the wealth one could wring from a thinned out STEEM trader volume through pumps and dumps. Especially if such tokens were required for casinos, streaming and/or porn. 😎

You think the governance structure needs to be changed?

On the community based one (Hive) no question. My guess is Mr. Sun will like the governance just like it is on STEEM once he gets his mitts on 17 top 20 witness positions. 😎