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It's one of those times again, a time when Steem could benefit greatly if a few things go its way...

We saw one of these times back in 2016 and through most of 2017.

It was a time when the world was enamored with crypto and wanted very much to see something step up and take hold of that excitement, be the next twitter/facebook/youtube/reddit etc etc etc.

Steem wasn't ready then.

There were scaling issues and distribution issues as well as economic issues etc etc etc.

We were close, but we weren't ready.

Now, however, it appears that steem may be seeing another major opportunity.

The time is now for Steem...

As you likely have heard by now, as it has been going on for years, twitter/facebook/youtube all have been censoring and banning people for sometimes ridiculous reasons causing a lot of anger and angst among users.

However, that movement seems to be reaching fever pitch now.

YouTube keeps updating their terms and conditions and in doing so, they are alienating (and censoring) more and more users.

The latest report comes from Chris Dunn, a YouTuber with over 200k subscribers and over 7 million channel views.


@YouTube just removed most of my crypto videos citing "harmful or dangerous content" and ‘sale of regulated goods’... it's been 10 years of making videos, 200k+ subs, and 7M+ views. WTF are you guys doing @TeamYouTube?!”


He says they are removing most of his crypto related videos citing "harmful or dangerous content".

Here's a screenshot of the warnings/strikes he's received:


Interesting that they are targeting his crypto related videos.

It hardly looks like "harmful or dangerous content".


This is just one example of many that we are seeing almost on a weekly basis.

This is exactly why steem matters.

There hasn't been a large movement towards decentralized platforms, but there will be.

The only reason there hasn't been that movement yet is because a really good one doesn't exist yet.

These guys even mentioned that in their report:

Steem is likely going to have another opportunity to on-board literally thousands of people just like the one mentioned above (who in turn will help usher in millions of their followers) in the very near future, it just needs to be ready.

SMTs and communities (plus the scaling back-end features), and a major marketing campaign, will hopefully be what the doctor ordered in terms of attracting and retaining these types.

In my opinion, this may be the last really great opportunity to snag a bunch of new users all at once and cement itself as a legitimate long term player in the space.

Steem needs to strike while the iron is hot!

Stay informed my friends.

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Considering the regulations changed just few months ago, I can really understand why Google removed his videos... Google did also suspended my AdSense account after having ads running for over a year... Just because my company makes networking applications.

That violates their community guidelines?

Hilariously yes... Their community guidelines apparently forbids showing AdSense ads on websites that contain links to applications that allow sending files through network...

Thanks, it's very hopeful

We may only have a brief window coming up here, we need to take advantage of it.