Steem - The Confusion Continues... Justin Sun deletes latest Tweet

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Justin Sun just announced is migrating to Tron... then shortly after deleted that announcement

Anyone that claims they know exactly what is going on right now is mistaken.

We have gotten so many contradictions over the past 3 days it is difficult to keep up!

The latest one being this announcement:


Only to see it deleted a couple hours later from his Twitter...

If you follow the original link you get to this...

Why would he delete it from his Twitter?

Good question!

My guess is either that the news is factually incorrect, or the news is factually incorrect.

Why else would you delete it?

It's possible that the news was mostly a rehashing of news that was already out there, or they simply just got some details wrong.

Either way I would not get too worked up over anything at this point.

It's clear that either the details aren't worked out yet or they can't fully explain those details in a way that is understandable to those that know what he is talking about.

Either way, my overall take from the AMA yesterday was that Sun is now the largest investor in steem and he will do what he needs to in order to make it a success.

Everything else is mostly noise at this point...

Until I seem him deviate definitively away from that line of thinking I will not worry about things too much at this point.

It doesn't make sense to.

He said flat out that he is now aligned with current steem holders and that he wants to do what is best for current steem holders.

Until I see that change I won't sweat things too much.

Stay informed my friends.



I think you might be choosing to be overly positive here. There is most certainly more possibilities than "the news is factually incorrect" such as realizing that the Steem community is not happy about being transplanted from their blockchain to Tron.

Justin might have thought he could just move everyone over and might be rethinking his tactics, of course, with the result ending the same.

In multiple areas Justin has made it abundantly clear that he intends to convert the Steem holders over to Tron with a new token that will consume STEEM and replace its role. Then he also intends to airdrop that token to Tron holders as well. This is bad news for many projects on Steem, especially the small ones, and its really bad for decentralization. Justin controls Tron more than StInc controlled Steem.

Fingers crossed here - I'm only a minor steemian, but believe in the project...I do hope massive change isn't around the corner.

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We will just have to wait and find out I guess.

He probably was informed shortly after tweeting that that it would be fucking impossible and they tried to tell him that multiple times.
Maybe eventually we could merge Steem into Tron...but it's not likely it would be possible so quickly.
So now he's just gonna be an investor, because he can't make a Frankenstein's monster out Steem.

He did say Steemit, and not Steem. He does seem to understand the difference. However, it still might be impossible to do so quickly, as Steemit devs are working with different tools than Tron has at hand, I believe.

Yeah, I've gone through several possible meanings he might have had. None of them really make sense.
When I read this post I just assumed he actually meant Steem. He could also somehow migrate the Steemit website...maybe make it work across both chains somehow.
He needs to write a blog post. Preferably on Steem.

Maybe he deleted it because his price hype for his hype wasn't able to stick.

Or maybe he is like that fickle girlfriend who tells you she loves you and then changes her mind.

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He's now the largest investor in steem. That is what matters I would think.

Yeah, this is starting to feel like a financially abusive relationship where the person in the relationship who has the most $$$$$ jerks the other person around because they know they need them.

Our biggest investor is jerking a bunch of people around. What an asshole. Who cares why. And who cares that you are not supposed to invest more than you are willing to lose. His attitude towards the community may be different than his actions, but his actions don't show that he cares much for us.

But, like in a financially abusive relationship, sometimes you get to go to nice restaurants, nice trips, and get nice gifts that you otherwise wouldn't be able to have. Let's hope that this abuse has a payout at the end.

I think people need to chill out until we actually see some things unfold. There is no point in getting worked up before specific details are even known.

Yeah, chilling out is probably a good idea.

However, there would be no need to "chill out" or be patient and wait and see, if the person we are waiting for would give clear answers and roadmaps, would say stop publishing info and then deleting it, or would just stick to "big things are coming," "so excited," "look forward to growith" etc. He is the biggest bag holder right now, and he is in his right to do whatever he wants however he wants, but it doesn't mean he's not being a jerk bag about it.

Maybe it is a part of his marketing scheme.

Maybe not fork him out, since he did buy the stake and it is his. Maybe change the witness rules so that he can only vote five or ten witnesses. That should lessen the damage.

He bought coins on the current blockchain, that doesn't mean he has rights over coins on a fork.

Forks are entirely different blockchains and those forks have no obligation to keep all holders of the original chain.

Naa, fork fork fork him out!

What's to stop them from forking you out next?

Ahh, I have seem my reactions to this drama, and I am not proud to say that I would be one of the villagers with the fork in one hand, and the burning torch in the other.

On the deletion. One possibility is that they didn’t think through the potential regulatory / legal issues of such a action (transaction) that involves tradable crypto which as you know better then I the SEC has authority over in the US. Like a Musk Twitter moment.

Sure, could have something to do with that as well. Either way, it seems clear that the details have not been ironed out or they don't know how to explain them in a way that actually make sense to those involved.

I did see that but I am not sure how accurate that is... I'm leaning towards not very.

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I can only imagine that there must be a language barrier issue with the words being used. Justin must be a smart guy and can't actually be this confused in his mind, or can he?.

I think the language barrier is part of the problem yes. The guy must have some plan. He is a protege of Jack Ma (Alibaba) and is well educated (Masters degree from an Ivy League school). He is not dumb...

Could it be a scheduled tweet he forgot to cancel?

It's useful to remember that cryptocurrency, social media, and particularly their offspring Steem, is novel and relatively poorly understood tech. Every day on Steem we break new ground, and Sun is doing the same thing at the same rate.

A deleted tweet is more than explicable when covering new ground. The merger of Tron and Steemit is unique in business history, and it's not gonna be easy to make sure it's done right from a technical, business, and social standpoint.

TronLink also had a Medium article with alternative facts which was deleted today. Confusion is mounting. I do not believe anyone knows what is going on.

My actions will be aligned with my most esteemed witness @c0ff33a's advice:

...everyone should proceed as normal until we have confirmed information from a majority of our top twenty Witnesses...

I am not going to get too excited, and yet? I will definitely be proactive. This 🐬 (dolphin) is here for the long haul.

The comments yesterday and then the opposite comments today just prove that this guy isn't trustworthy.
So anymore statements he makes are just worthless words that can change within 24 hours

I think there are some issues with language barriers and translations that have made things more confusing...

That's a big problem.

Maybe he meant with the original tweet that the Steemit team would get to know their new partners or something like that? People understood it differently and he deleted it. Anyway, let's just wait and see what he has to say in the next days.

Darn, I'm trying to be optimistic about the whole thing and now I got a bad feeling about this.

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The dust is settling out in a manner where he is starting
to get to know this blockchain.
You said it clear he is the largest investor in steem.

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Yep, and it is very likely he will make decisions in order to see the largest return on that investment as possible.

This is becoming a soap opera...

Or he realized it was too soon to talk about swap again.

Like I said elsewhere, he is now the largest investor in steem, assuming he will do what he needs to in order to see a return on that investment seems the most logical assumption at this point.

Problem is thinking that preserving the value of that stake is what matters to him...

It may not, but we don't know that for sure at this point. Either way it would make more sense to assume he would act financially in his best interest as opposed to the opposite. Though, like you suggested, we can't know for sure. We can't know much of anything for sure at this point, it is all mostly assumptions based on the several facts and contradictions we have heard.

Here is the thing: There is three main reasons Sun bought Steemit inc.:

  • The brand: Even thought there is some image problems with it, steem is still the first blockchain based social platform
  • The users: Altough a part of the community won't join Tron when the swap happens, 95% will, because most of users don't care about "ideals". They are here for the money. So, the moment Justin offer more money on the Tron Chain (airdrops, swaps, promisses of price pump), those 95% will swap to tron
  • The dapps: Steem already have more interesting dapps than Tron. Good dapps bring more users. And he already stated that there wil be financial icentives for the dapps to migrate to tron.

In the end, it all points to Steemit (now tron) abandoning the actual steem blockchain.

You might ask about his stake again but... Remember that there will be a swap? So, his stake will be the same on the new tron steem. His stake here? useless and forgotten.

You keep talking about a swap like it is a foregone conclusion. He flat out said no swap anytime soon, if ever, in the AMA.

people just have to have something to dramatize. He did say that a couple of times.

I keep saying that as well. This announcement was made on the same day as Voice opened beta. Block One spent 30 mil on the voice domain alone. Assuming 20 cent steem, Sun got a better deal for an existing domain with crypto cred. He could just walk away from the steem blockchain, do a hard reset on steemit, and not even bat an eye.

I'm hoping he's just bad at communicating in English, or that was my impression from the video. I hope it's just confusion, cause i just started to really get the ball rolling with my community on steemit.

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Justin sun should aligned with current steem holders and that he must do what is best for current steem holders this the best solution otherwise there is a conflict between tron blockchain community and steem blockchain community and that's not good for even justin sun himself

Especially when he is the largest holder of steem... lot of noise out there.

He can purchase and hold any cryptocurrency it's his choice everyone is free to purchase and hold cryptocurrency but he should not used his holdings to demaged and control other steem holders stake in steem blockchain and steemit if he holds steem he can used it for the further growth and development of steem and tron blockchain and community's

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