Be Patient And Keep STEEMING!

in #steem3 years ago

So, it’s been a while since I had posted my last post here on Steemit and had been out because I had lots and lots of work to do but, I didn’t forget about STEEM because this is also one of the most important work in my life.



The price of STEEM is still down and a lot of STEEMIANS are being out of the line because of this deeply drowned amount of STEEM in the market.

We all know that it’s not normal because last December, in the last year’s market, STEEM was an absolute thing that brought smiles in our faces but this month in this year, all of us are feeling the same but still, we must not lose hope because it’s like sports, you will WIN and you will also LOSE in the fight or competition so let’s stick around and never let go of STEEM in our life.

Be patient and support our STEEM COMMUNITY forever till the very last. STEEM ON!


All of these blockchain systems that emerged in 2017 caused a massive ego backlash for society at large. I believe that is what we are experiencing now with all cryptocurrencies. They will come back because they are the future. Change never comes without resistance.

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