Pantano: My musical proyect (alternative rock)

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To all those who are reading this post I want to give you a welcome. As you know, in this post I will show you all a musical project where one of its initiators aims to capture their musical influences and want to share it with everyone. If we talk about influences, it would be very difficult to talk about it because the theme of labels is very controversial, but if you had to mention a particular genre or movement, it would be garage rock, college rock and grunge; very fundamental genres that paved the sound that will be heard soon, but where I also seek to put something of one in this music and see what other things can be done and try.

100_44545 (2).jpg

Of course, the production of many of the audios that will see the light here are not very professional, but do not worry, they are not bad and the instruments have total clarity, so that above all, those present can appreciate a music made of honest way.

This piece is the first instrumental I made. It's a short duration, but it was quite a discovery for me to realize that I could do this:

The next instrumental piece I made is longer and as you can see, it has more structure. It can be a bit repetitive, but it really was a very fun process to have composed it:

The next one that they are going to listen to, is one of the ones that I liked the most until now. I'm still very happy with how the results were:

Before showing the next instrumental, surely you know what garage rock music is about: a subgenre that was important for the appearance of punk rock music. And that's why I wanted to make an instrumental cover of a song by the band The Stooges, the first band of Iggy Pop and one of my favorite bands of all time. A band that, if it had not existed, rock music would not be the same today:

Fact: This cover I uploaded in the Instagram of the project, and unfortunately for this reason this was uninhibited. So for now, there is no Instagram page for this.

I hope you liked this post, I will continue publishing my musical material here sporadically. These are the social networks of the project in case they are interested in following it:



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