One Sideffect of Content-Censoring: Hard to Fight with Spam

in #steem28 days ago

On a social network, it is normal to censor the content which is against the ToS. However, since the blockchain is censor-free, people can still post rubbish on STEEM blockchain and try to milk/farm on it.

This is an account that has been hidden by the @steemit front-end


But this account has been posting every few posts on NSFW contents:


Yes, a clear behaivor of milking - considering not many actual human people are seeing the content.

Fighting the spam/milking is hard, but somebody has to do it.


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I noticed 2 other accounts and hundreds of alts doing the same thing. Earning $1,000 a week ...... Alwaysbaked and EZVote

I voted for your Witness. You are doing great things here on I appreciate your work.

There are many such accounts. This is how it plays on its voting.

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