in #steem3 years ago

Can someone please advise me why when I attempt to "power up! I put in the amount I want to use and the form asks for a Memo? I put in my Steem code, I don't think I have a "memo" and it rejects it. So my little available pot just sits there.
Good to be back on Steem, even for a little while. Happy Steeming!


Just go on and skip the "memo", than another text field will appear where you type in your active key. Don't put your key into the memo field. Ignore it:)

Hi erh.germany many thanks for that. I just spent nearly 3 hours trying to connect my ftp to my website that I am going to relaunch sometime later on. So busy as usual but I am determined. Best regards will connect to the chat room once I found my password again! Such is life.