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RE: Different teams with different goals for the future of Steem

in #steem11 months ago

Thank you for summing it up like this. I honestly haven't been paying attention to all the details, but it's nice to get the notes. I'm not making any choices yet. Hope everyone can find a way to work together.

Feel better, my friend!


Thanks! I have been a bit out of the loop as well, at some point everyone was just yelling at twitter and I tuned out. This is what I felt was happening after 2 hours on Steem today :D But you never know, maybe there's another team working behind the scenes on an even different plan.

When all things are in place I think it will show where the place is that feels most like 'home', the place we feel we built and cherish. That place might have a different look and feel, but there's probably that magical thing that makes it 'like Steem'.

We'll see. Hugs!