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RE: [ANN] SteemJS (steemjs-lib)

in #steem5 years ago

This is great!

I'm researching the different ways of programmatically interacting with the steem blockchain and will add this to my list of things to study. I'm wondering how this compares with an existing steemjs at

I do prefer js code to python since I have done a lot of work with it. Do you think one language is better than the other, or just a matter of preference?

Thanks for your work on this, and for sharing it!



I have a websocket rpc library available also that can be compared to pharesim's steemjs. This new library steemjs-lib provides completely different functionality as it lets you construct and sign transactions without needing the cli_wallet. You need a running steemd to broadcast transactions, but that could be a public one like xeroc's wss://

Thanks for your excellent answer! I'm not there yet on a complete understanding, but I am getting there!