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RE: Neoxian: witness application

in #steem2 years ago

Mr @neoxian sir, excuse me for intruding and asking stupid questions, or even asking you questions at all - you really don't need to answer to anybody right.. especially some STEEM newb like me..

But anywho..

So this was posted back in December 2017, which is now almost 2 years old! Probably right after this was when STEEM went kaboom and had it's ATH - Now we are facing an ATL and exchanges are starting to delist STEEM and it's not making much traction.

Of course I feel like the brigade who is going around downvoting content blindly - just based on the author using a bid bot, instead of judging the actual content - they are detrimental to the onboarding of the platform! It becomes personal when you downvote based on what the author did, instead of basing it on what they created.

Anyways, STEEM could be in trouble, and I know you are still doing great deeds and still running your bank helping those less-fortunate or helping get them out of a bind...

Neoxian City is a wonderful place full of really unique people and you built it, maintain it, and keep it interesting!
I hope that never stops!

But I'm wondering how you FEEL about STEEM these days? The platform, the vision, the currency.. I'd love for you to share your thoughts about the entire ecosystem as it stands now and divulge your plans for the future, if any. It would be awesome if you made a post about it and linked it here, but I am not placing any expectations or demands on ya, hell it's really not that great a question anyways..

I have Approved you as one of my Witnesses, so I feel I at least have the responsibility and right to ask such things though..

Thanks for listening and keep on steeming on!