How to check Steem and SBD Price

in #steem3 years ago

It is very easy to check the price of Steem and Steem Based Dollars. There are many websites and apps where you can check the prices of all the cryptocurrencies.

But remember that the prices of cryptocurrencies can be different on each website. And I am saying this from my personal experience.

Once a friend called me and asked me to check the price of Steem and SBD, and when I checked the price was not more than two dollars. But when my friend checked on some website the website was showing the price of more than four or five dollars. 

For a moment my friend was happy because he was holding quite a few SBD. But when I cross checked with other sites the price was not that high. 

I then learned that we always need to check on more than one site and we also need to check the price on exchanges so that we know the right price and do not make any decisions in haste. 

I refer: to check the price.