Binance will change USDT Market to Combined Stablecoin Market (Chance for Bitshares and Steem?)

in #steem2 years ago

We all know on dumps stable coins are the stuff. No matter what you say, USDT is king of them with biggest amount and liquidity. There is plenty others but it will take them loads of time to get similar size and also they all battle for same market - 1:1 USD ratio.

Binance loved 1 USD coins and added a few - PAX, TUSD. ANd theres plenty HUSD or USDC, GUSD etc.

Now they speak of making a market with all of them and possibly even others.


As we can read, they did not mention what will be used and since they are well aware of BTS we could guess they will add bitUSD and STEEM.. maybe SBD>?!

Surely worth watching as i bet sooner or later this 2 coins will be there if not on launch then later.

SBD Markets


bitUSD Markets


Binances USD Market



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Very interesting, but right now both stablecoins BitUsd and SBD are in trouble. SBD lost its 1 dollar peg and BitUsd can't be used as a collateral anymore on BTS.
Matter of fact the Bitshares Blockchain is down due to Global BitUSD Settlements!!!

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hence i said chance - work needs to be done heh..

Right, I'm just saying what a bad timing for those two stable coins.

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sadly i agree, hence i thought i could kickstart some people with this post!

This is all temporary though.

Once the price goes up, collateral will start working again for bitUSD.

And they are currently working on fixing the blockchain.

Bitshares is working again but I can't access my open ledger steem account are they down again?

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Right. I have the same problem. On their new website is no way to log in your account. Any news?

Steem dollar is too volatile to be considered a stable coin, imo.

Very interesting move. I wonder how this new market is implemented.

Omg this would be amazing news for both Bitshares and Steem if this happens :)

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So if tether goes out? God forbid no-the market will crash so bad...
Binance pays the tether out of its own pockets?

looks like they are preparing for it... slowly but preparing

Would love if this happened!! Fingers crossed.

Looking forward to day BITUSD and Steem dollar become the preferred stablecoin. Not big fan of Tether

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