Contest to Win a share of 10000 NEOXAG

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As every year i run contests and giveaways on my social media which pretty much is Steemit as i post mostly here an on my own blog. This year is no different and for next days to the end of year i will be running posts which pay.

This time we start with NEOXAG.
The token works on platform (you login with your STEEM keys) and you can also trade it versus STEEM.


To join the contest do following:

  • follow @neoxian and @kingscrown
  • post on any of this topics: "my worst 2019 investment was XXX" "my best 2019 investment was XXX" or "i plan to invest in 2020 into XXX"
  • as first two tags use #neoxian and #kings2019
  • reply to this post with your link

In around 2 days i will check the posts and chose winners.

Ten best posts get 1000 neoxag bonus each. So 10 people get 1000 neoxag each.

Do not get confused you write the post here on Steemit not somewhere else so if you never heard of STEEM tokens do not worry, no learning needed to get into this competition.


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I will extend the time of this contest to 7 days not 2 since people may not have enough time to do good writing.

Well done.......🍻 Good luck to all whom enter the giveaway....

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Can the title be different but still investment-related?

sure just keep the topic

Looking forward to many great entries.

ill make the contest run a bit longer as others suggested

Ya. I hope so

Here is my entry into the contest. I plan to invest in STEEM in 2020.
I still haven't given up my goal of becoming a dolphin (5K SP). I'm 2/3 of the way there!

Cool! Thanks for the contest @kingscrown. Will put my thinking cap on and see if I can write a good post about this subject. :)

I don't think I will have a chance to get in on this contest, too much to do this week. But I like the writing prompts so I will write a bit about my planned 2020 investing strategy later this week after the turkey coma has lifted.

allright i will extend the time into 7 days. is that enough for you ? i assume people are busy around xmas. i wanted to giveaway fast so you get it as kind of exmas present, but i will extend the time.


If I forgot to do anything as part of the requirements please let me know. As I didn't do much investing in 2019 besides my 401k and HSA, I just wrote about what I plan on spending most of my time investing in for 2020.

I wrote up something quick here -

Have a great Christmas to everyone that celebrates.


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