You possibly have some free money on STEEM!

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Old users i remember years ago that i made post that they had money on Golos. But now from activity on my feed i see 80% people who are active here are new to the platform. Im not speaking of my followers as i had been over 20 000 since years with 30 000 passed in 2019 but pretty much when i read people are new and are surprised to many things.

So while this info is nothing new to oldschoolers (if we can say that) still some of you could forget about it or are not aware.

Im speaking here of ... STEEM-ENGINE exchange. You login there with your Steemit account -

And inside there is Wallet. Good chance you have some tokens there you were not aware of which mostly you can sell on free market or buy more and see what they are used for.

There is Tokens Info about Loads You May Not Know


And Each Has A Market


Dont want tokens? Send to someone as a tip.

When you want to send tokens it doesn't put your nick auto the field is blank since the platform loves sending between users. So if you have some tokens you don't need ie its too little of them to do anything or you don't have time to play you can send them to someone. In the example ive put me but you can put anybody you want ;)

So since many of those were airdropped or left as tips for posts there is good chance you have some money there waiting for you in this new year!

If you do consider to write in comments but of course you can also keep secret of those millions to yourself for security :)

Your Santa Kingscrown that in last week of 2019 gaveaway 4000 STEEM.

Want more cash ?

Remember about current another way to make some money for small contests written here -


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I love steem-engine. Honestly, its the most fun I've had on steem in the last 6 months. I really love @steem.leo as far as the tribes go. But, each has it's own benefits I suppose and I enjoy trading them.

yup steem engine makes steem worth it and, the fact that its "centralized" according to those who want more nodes, are just whiners. The facts are it can run on more nodes.... when peopel do the work... but if peopel want fancy toys they have to pay for them... and honestly steem engine works fine, sure it runs behind sometimes but who cares its not liek we are running hospitals or schools, we are just doing social mediapots which can wait and, they still do work.... and WHEN steem engien FIXES all of its issues, it WILl run smooth... just because you run a car with 3 tires for a whle dopesnt mean that ist always gonan ride like that... u CAn put teh 4th tire on teh car and youll have amuch better time LOL

yeah i agree man, steem engine is the most fun ive had not just in steem but all crypto.... eos is cool but like an expensiveversion, albiet with mroe volume but hey tahst why i created Steem engine newdex Partnership and got SAND, then WEEDCASH then STEEMp and gunnie pigged it up for APX to show its safe :D

Im so proud of appics they actually took SCOT and packaged it as the revolutionary cross chain platform that it is, and sold a STEEM ENGINE TRIBE MOBILE app, with an EOSIO Peg from @someguy123 @privex and they SOLD that shit as an EOSIO dapp which IT IS, it is just as much of an EOSIO dapp as SAND, or weedcash, but hey I dont give myself enough credit.... I WILl actually have some internally natively EOS based dapp functions and aready actually do, including staking eos tokens. as now APX is only stakable as steem BUT when we start having EOS wallets inside appics mpobile app maybe uysing a partnership with or Attics Labs man @atticlabs tanish and his MyWOSWallet could integrate to appics, or they can use a browser and have a mobile eos wallet i mean tehers so many options but a real EOS wallet inside Appics WITh a steem wallet could be really powerful..... they could make an app that could allow for telos accounts , WHICH are FREE, theres a million account pool, So, we can use TELOS @telosteem i have even set up, to ONBOARD and mass scale steemians to telos, letthem hold telos STEEMP whcih ive had created AND THEN we will have TELOS wallets.... for @steempeak for exampel as the FREE guest account then they By their more rare Steem accounts as a premium service :D

theres plenty cool ones!

@kingscrown Enjoyed your post. Tipped you 5 BASED tokens. Enjoy! Check your keychain or steem-engine to see your tokens in your wallet.

thank you so much, great present :)

thanks for representing @anoxfund they got maintenance delisted on newdex for lack of volume (need 1 eos every 2 weeks no so bad lol just have 26 eos per year lol ) so im happy ANXO team has steem engine still to trade their EOS token pegged on steem engine but honestly, I havent heard much from them LOL, BUT its a great potential project a hedge fund for the masses. And someone could revive it with new funding of they talk to @oscarps about getting a new fund partner etc.

HEy I wanted to say that since you made this post, @gerber from @steemleo and I have Airdropped some more tokens and expect to get a LOT more airdropped to the snapshot list of 16,000 Steem accounts with 200SP and i think 50 rep/ Its teh same list everyones been using and i guess it could be updated or maybe it has lol i think @gerber may be using a newer one.... either way its like whatever lol, a lot of steemians get the tokens and its a saturation effect :D

One airdrop i just did was TLOSp so everyone got 0.01 TLOSP and, i have 0.1 planned for a few weeks from now, and then if my Telos Proposal passes and I am confident it will, we will be giving these 16 thousand steem accounts 1.011 TLOSP so enough withdraw 1 whole Telos main net token via @privex steem engine gateway

After the airdrop people started trading TLOSP more

Anyway if anyone wants to earn some TLOSP or STEEMP come to the or which comes to the official telegram for telos

hey @ackza this is really interesting. can u ping me on discord ?

Posting in steemleo with money related posts will give us a vote from them which is very good for newcomers @kingscrown :D

palnet is very good too ;)

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I have some $10 worth of tokens. Most of it is DEC though. I hardly post these days so not earning much.

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10usd is totally not bad!

I've been earning as much tokens as I can.

sweet but some were not aware of those im sure

I think steem-engine is a really cool deal, and helping kick a little life back into the Steem-sphere, in its own way.

What I often find surprising is just how many of my followers and people who regularly show in my feed are "old timers" on Steem, yet (from the look of things) have never logged into their Steem-Engine accounts... they just have all these tokens from both airdrops and rewards sitting there... untouched.

I hope posts like this will encourage more to check in, at least!

one of best apps on here

Oh teah this is a great alert to everyone

yeah im sure there will be few happy people!

It's been a blessing in disguessed if not for steem-engine the steem blockchain would have been like a grave yard, it has restored home of people earning some steem through various community and niches

true hence why i wanted to kick up info about it to everyone

You can all send me the tokens you don't want...

Erscheint dieses E-Book in deutscher Sprache?

only english man and theres hungarian version too