How has your experience been on Steem

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How has steem changed for you personally after the fork of Hive.

I would like to hear your perspective?


Dear @knircky, i am still posting on steemit because i do not feel well in First there is missing steem-bounty which is my main promotion channel, than @tipu upvote service is no more working in hive, so for example the last post i did on both socials, i got in steemit over 2 usd value reward and on hive not even 10 usd cents, so what for loosing time posting there if none is looking and upvoting my posts? There i feel like when i just started on steemit and, i am sorry, i do not want again loose my time to try to get what i made in 2 and half years...:(((

Seems that you have no deposit. Plase send any amount of SBD or STEEM to @tipU to use @tipU services :)

My asshole downvoting bot disappeared. One plus lol

It's mostly just the extra effort to cross post on both chains and partially powering down STEEM to buy more @steemmonsters pack (through DEC of course)

I do see a reduction of both quantity and quality on content when it comes to STEEM. Still we have a powerful chain and @steemmonsters Things should be ok. Justin Sun will eventually bring in more Tronics and prices should go up for STEEM eventually. So I plan to stick with STEEM for the time being.

I really don't see much difference, perhaps in the trending pages I think I see more diversity.

Not much has changed except for the power down. I engage less because there's less activity and I'm on 2 chains. Some DAPPs have moved to HIVE. The quality of posts seems to be lower on STEEM compared to HIVE. The general experience wise there isn't much difference for me.

Well ...I am making a TON of money on How about you ?

My Power went down but I invested all in Steemmonsters