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Sun just show he did not like being frozen,maybe he buy Steemit Inc. in "good faith". He just show his power and what he can do being Who he is. He maybe a treat to this decentralize community, but also he have huge potential to bring this Steemit to another level.. what was happen is just a good learning curve in achieving a true decentralize community... Steem On.✌


Yes, the goal is to finally achieve having a true decentralized community, especially regarding the top witnesses. We all know that for years only a few stakeholders had full control over those so called 'independent' witnesses. Those who did not agree to the king's plans lost their income with a click of two people. That's pure central power and not decentralized in any means.

The more big investors join us, the more decentralized it will get. Maybe that's where all the fear is coming from...

" We all know that for years only a few stakeholders had full control over those so called 'independent' witnesses."

And now you celebrate such diversity as had been extant eliminated by just one witness and stakeholder. Such decentralizaton you promote. I don't need drugs. I can just read your words and roam in your hallucinatory world.

I don't celebrate our current situation, but I like to see changes coming. Ignoring the same shit over and over again won't do us a favour.

If I would code a comment bot that spams peoples posts as @iflagtrash did for years already, it would be downvoted to rep 0 and put on blacklists within a few days. So, our 'trusted' witnesses are incapable of removing that moron from our network. Incapable, even if they hate all the spam, because they would lose their income.

Our top witnesses are creating blacklists for accounts that post politically incorrect content. Saying that just nobody cares would not be 100% accurate. Nobody wants to lose trust by the self-chosen kings. It has become a fully centralized shit-show a long time ago and we all know this. Why should investors join such a self-destructing mindset based network?

I didn't take any drugs for over a year, but I agree that most of us still live in a hallucinatory world on Steem. Maybe now in these testing times we have a chance to see our own mistakes better and stop ignoring all that what was driving away big investors.

At least DPOS needs to be rethought completely, because as we see in its current form it cannot protect us against a takeover. We need to decide what is more important to us. Fighting a billionaire who we welcomed with freezing his funds or working together and improving the system for a win-win.

Currently, by fighting him in his posts, big stakeholders are doing their best to destroy us completely. Not the wisest decision for sure.

You're not even wrong about Bernie and the witnesses, but this is not better.

This is worse yet than what has been, despite how bad it's been.

Blacklisting content based on political correctness and waiting for customers to join this holy 'decentralized' network is like opening an ice cream store in Antarctica. The whole world talks about this already.

They messed with the people and now comes the payday. Steem is here to give people a voice who otherwise have no chance in this world. They destroyed one of the greatest strengths of this network.

Now finally they know how it feels to not be in control. If the old kings were able to bring such a genius technology down so far, it should be clear that even a child has good chances to fix the mess. I don't want to say that it's all being done with the goal to fail, but it begins to look like this is the case.

Sucking up to overlords is the wrong solution, and I utterly renounce it. I see you're being well rewarded for pandering to Sun. Enjoy the wages of sin, as it were, because you will spend them in hell.

You are utterly retarded to seek total subjugation as a way to reject oligarchical domination. Frying pans and fire, and all that.

'They' haven't destroyed it. 'They' have diminished it, but it yet exists. Tron will utterly destroy it, and that's what you're doing.


Come on. Currently people are competing in powering up as much STEEM as possible. Both sides will do this indefinitely until consensus is met. Is there a better way to get the people to power up that fast? Do you really think that they will give up their stake? No way.

The most concerning thing is that main blockchain developers left us. There are enough developers available to keep this ship up, but of course, it takes time to study and get comfortable with the existing code.

A community fork would possibly end in a two cent shitcoin on Binance, therefore I don't believe that this is really an option for most stakeholders.

Huge advertising operations can bring in more people than we got in all the years in just a few weeks.

Your problem in this dilemma is that you consider the economy as the relevant matter. In fact, the economy is a relatively minor aspect of society, and, while most people do not find this immediately apparent, when offered $1 for their momma, will quickly grasp that money is utterly without value in comparison to social values.

I could give a shit about tokens. A functional society on a new chain will quickly create a valuable economy as a natural function of society that will render all the struggle and strife over Steem laughable in retrospect.

What matters is a society of folks that are joined together and dedicated to self-governance, which demonstrably depends on their ability to reason together. It is becoming increasingly apparent that whether Justin Sun takes over Steem, as you appear to support, or the prior oligarchy resumes control of Steem, the refusal of that oligarchy to equally weight the stake of all stakeholders in voting on governance, or the ludicrous proposition that Sun will benevolently allow a free society to flourish on the blockchain he reduces to his sole possession, Steem will not be able to effectively support a free and voluntary society able to reason together and govern themselves.

Pander all you want to overlords for the dribble of crumbs they might avail you.

That is irrelevant to free people, and so is anyone that does.

first things get worse
a lot worse, for a long time.

Then nothing happens.. and you are made to believe that is fucking positive.

Yet still nothing happens..

Good eh?

My wife wanted me to film the birth of our firstborn. I told her I had already filmed the conception, and preferred that video.

Both are messy events, and that's the human condition.

nature is ugly, and without that nothing can be bootyful.

pardon my ingleech its not my first lingo