Top Reasons To Come To The Steem Creators North Conference

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Hi Everyone, we are super pumped to announce Steem Creators Conference & SMT Summit in Toronto Canada Sept 5-8, 2018

This is @larrymorrison & @steemcafe.

Las Vegas was a fantastic success. People asked us to bring it to the East Coast of North America. They asked and we listened

Here are the TOP 4 Reasons to come to the conference.

#1 Make More Money!!!
Incredible Speakers, Presenters, Developers, & Workshops. We have a line up that is Awesome! Plus we are adding to it every week. Learn from some of the best content creators on Steem. They will share their tips & tricks and show you how they Make $$$!

Increase your Reputation, Increase you Followers, & Increase your Engaement. So you can increase your Upvotes and Make More Money.

#2 Friends Upvote Friends!!!
This is absolutely true. The networking opportunities are unreal. Meet people from all over the Steem Universe. Make new friends. Hang out with everyone. Build stronger relationships. Who knows where this can lead, collaborations and opportunities. The more friends you have the better on Steem. Friends Upvote Friends.

#3 Get Funding!!!
We are hosting the Famous "Pitch Party." Everyone who attends the conference will get a chance to get in stage and share with the entire conference your passion project or idea for Steem. You can talk about anything you wish. You are the STAR. You can tell us your story. You can ask people for support of your project, funding, help, volunteers, employees, or partners. Anything can happen.

#4 Social/ Nightlife!!!!
We have some fun scheduled, so after the conference events you can enjoy yourself & enjoy everything Beautiful Toronto has to offer. We are having the first Steem Creators Concert in North America. It will be the first concert Powered By Steem.

We have also walking tour of Toronto, meet & greet, Kareokee, brewery & distillery tour, Mene & Gold Money visit, Toronto Blue Jays game, & more. Promises to be an incredible experience.

This conference is made for you. The Steem Creators. You are Steem Creators.

Tickets are only $149.00. To Get Tickets Go To Our Website

Thank you everyone for your support. You all helped make this possible.

@coruscate, @maryjaney, @joeparys, @fyrstikken, @booster,, @goldmatters, @par-ee, @dnews, @jaybird, @dan-atstarlite, @originalmrspice, @pmartynov, @reseller, @yabapmatt, @kenmelendez, @happymoneyman, @captainbob, @steembasicincome, @instructor2121, @thehoneys, @freedompoint, @freedomtowrite, @jongolson, @rhondak, @eventspeaker, @boardgamegirl, @choose2bhappy, @wolfnworbeikood, and all our amazing sponsors

Thank you.

@ogc #mypic @joepate47 @larrymorrison @steemcafe @scottshots shout out!

Steem Creators Conference: SMT Summit Sept 5-8, 2018 Toronto, Canada. It will be amazing. Get Tickets only $149.00 at our website

Do you have a new app, product, or service for Steem? Would you like to speak at the conference. Hit us up [email protected] or [email protected]

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i love steem whitht my life:d steem and adbank is my life

Love steem new platform for me but love it in 1 day....

Yes u r absolutely Right 👍👍👍

that look in your dp though !!!!(SAVAGE)

How can we know which is good for our life?

Sooooo, between life and stemmit till obviously prefer to die than loose steemit.... Hahahhaa
I love your spirit man

steem is my life!

same for me bro

If this is anything like Vegas, it will be a great time.
My favorite part of the 1st Steem Creators was making real friendships with a bunch of Steemians.
I'm pumped for this one too.
Cheers Fam

it will really a great time for you guyz. My bad luck i can not be apart of this meeting i am so sad .

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This is great! It is going to be amazing. Thanks for the hard work you are putting in @larrymorrison!

thank you for your sharing, I like it !
I hope so you visit my blog. Welcome !

Remarkably awesome. Its really gonna be amazing event. I am excited and thinking making it possible there. Lets See. Gotta decide soon.

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Thanks for the shoutout @steemcafe and @larrymorrison! I am honored to speak again and excited for Toronto! Even bought a Bluejays Hat!! :D

Love it man! Fantastic to have you back. You have a 💓 of Gold. Few more weeks. Austin April. Hahahaha

Looking forward to meeting so many Steemians at the event!

Awesome post too sir. Great points on why people should attend. Nothing beats a live event!!

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Wow nice.. Wish I could attend that

probably vip only

beta kamaite kamaite ses korli. eto kamaitasos.

wish I could make it but that is to far north for me.

SMTs will take STEEM to the MOON!!

Awwww, won't make it, but Re-Steemed.
Have a ball for me!

I will try to visit that conference

Looking at the overall description this event is going to be very useful for steemians. I wish I could attend this but won't be possible for me. Is there any plans to organise such events in Singapore in future? Confirm if so, I will surely attend .

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Whatever will make this platform better and to be the best its worth paying attention to, so I guess this conference is just what is needed. I think meeting other steemians sharing ideas will definitely be the order of the day... I want to attend this conference!!!!! More SP !!!!

U guys are amazing.... Continue the good work

Awesome hosting it in Toronto. Go Canada!

Right on right on!

This is going to be killer man. See you sooon man.

Been looking forward to this since the day the day Vegas ended. We are making history!

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We are bro. Stoked to have you part of the team and back for Toronto. Austin in April. Crazy cool.,

Good event

I am interested in steem

You guys are awesome and fantastic!
I like you guys for real and would like to join your every move and plan. I only wish for that to happen somedays! Right now m very far I cant make it , its very costy for me to be there .
But very big hugs for you guys and big up!
I like everything about steemcreators idea and I really understand what it means and more benefits than you just said.

This opportunity would never pass me a munite if I were there. I also encourage others who are around there not miss that huge opportunity !

Bro @steemcafe dont stop supporting me and @larrymorrison too.

Finally, I have never seen such a wonderful video and presentation as this one you made on entire steemit!!!

Steemcreators 👍 👌 💪

nice one I will be in Canada in that month anyway seems like good opportunity to learn and find out more about steem. Have to check my schedule and make time for it.

mates,what a great place to be.i am looking forward to start a Steem MeetUp here in Lagos,Nigeria.

That will be a fantastic place for the meetups.

@larrymorrison This sounds like an exciting event! I can't believe I missed the Vegas conference. Sadly, not sure if this is financially possible =(

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!

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How I wish we could also have such conference here in country...

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Necessary comment...?

Maybe I could get one of those creators to up-vote me with their 10 million dollars worth of steam power.

love it very much and it is a very useful website for creative thinktank to post their thoughts

The major reason in my opinion steemit is best for the earnings money with the help of Friends and groups !

really great to have that opportunity to know much more about steem and share, make work teams and gain knowledge to help grow within steem, but for me it will be another occasion that can attend an event like that.

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good work good post

Cool, great work! Interesting project.

That's so cool! I would like to go there. I am sure that it is going to be awesome.

Really This is great! It is going to be amazing. Thanks for the hard work you are putting .
Thanks for helping us

Where i can buy the tickets....?

larrymorrison again with the banger you are just full of bag of tricks from las vega now ....
people if you are still waiting to take action am sorry ...but actually am not sorry
larrymorission sure knows how to wow his friends
larry do you know what i liked about your video in keep it KISS keep it stupid simple
...thats the caught...

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Yes this is a good information about conference I will see the live on that day.Thanks for your advanced information.

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Who will support me,i will love there.It will be awesome and dream come through to be with great personality

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Nice,this meeting was awesome.I wish I will ne there.

Good luck and go ahead friend with this kind of activities, thanks for sharing

It's far away from my country, maybe I'll wait the highlight video for this conference. :D

This is amazing.I have seen a lot of positive here. Just care on Thanks for the hard work you are putting in @larrymorrison!

Hello, please vote blog for me

Great Toronto seems to really on fire , everyone enjoying with the beautiful community , STEEM , let’s rocks and we all will win

Upvote my comments and reply

thats amazing info.thanks for sharing such stuff.@larrymorrison

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I want to share with you about "The Coffee KOI Fish"
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where can i get tickets ?

Nice to meet you ! I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
I want to share with you about "The Coffee KOI Fish"
I have given you an upvote. Please, you also give me upvote. THANK YOU....!

Great news, it is good event made with hard work, i hope success for all the team👍

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Looks like a really great event! I wish I could make it!

yeah you are right.


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Hey guys @larrymorrison & @steemcafe
I hope that you can share with us the experience that will live there and that inspire us to undertake meetings and ideas that promote growth and added value that this brings

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Partiko is sponsoring and speaking and we can't wait to see everyone there!

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Good work & good post!

I would have loved to be there but i can't make it. It would have been great to meet so many steemians. If any like this is held in Africa in the near future, i will be there.

If I make it, I am a real "local" there...don't forget to visit Jimmys coffee...6 locations:) One is in Kensington market (for sure desitination for anyone going to the T-Dot...and also the original at King and Portland (steps north of King on Portland. Right beside upscale dining at Gusto 101...which used to be an old mechanics garage...Gustos… open air upper floor (if its not raining and the roof is ope ned up. Best kale salad in Toronto...:)

I can't wait , this is going to be fun . gonns meet other steemians besides @terrywayne.

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Let me know when you guys are in Chicago!

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it will be great experience for beginer steemiens. this kind of event should organised in india also because there are also lot of creators.

any ideas grow my article like you ?

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You guys are really good. It's nice to see and learn more about steemit. Keep it up Guys....!

We have also walking tour of Toronto, meet & greet, Kareokee, brewery & distillery tour, Mene & Gold Money visit, Toronto Blue Jays game, & more. Promises to be an incredible experience.

Funding.... ✌

i love this duo

this is going to be amazing

soy nuevo en steem y estoy revisando hasta ahora me parece interesante, gracias

really i feel proud, i am connect with steem comunity.

Hellow sir , i am new to steemit can u please help me to grow ,i am very greatful to u if u upvote me please!!

You should not ask for upvotes or you will be flagged :(

Ok thanks
I am really sorry:(

No problem :)

How good will it be if we also have this same event here in the Philippines. It will be a great boost for a new steemit user like me. Anyways what you guys are doing are truly commendable. For sure it will be a great success as the metrics of your posts suggests. Please do upload the event on your YouTube channel will wait for it with great expectation. From your new follower here. Cheers!

I am new user just trying to do better

que comience la fiesta y a disfrutar de esta gran conferencia...