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RE: Rejecting HF21 in its current state

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This is why dPOS Systems need effective democratization of the social layer.

Decentralization is binary, they have technically no central authority, but they are highly clustered to their permission set of BPs. They only can play their advantage, when you distribute the power on the social layer. If not, they are nothing but a corporate-consortium and corporate consortia are BS and not Crypto. But once a System like this is running, you can't change a damn thing, because you have to convince those in power to give up their power. This is why Dan left Steem. Even if you are one of the 21 super representatives, you have to convince the majority.

First, build, then test, then run. Since Steemit was an experiment and one can simply move on it does not matter...but to us, if we want a future, it should matter.


Decentralised systems can work for corporations, economies, and platforms. However, once you're talking about a social structure, it just doesn't scale. Social systems need to account for human behaviour. Maybe decades in the future, an algorithm would be able to understand humanity, who knows. But in the here and now, I agree with you that the social stuff needd effective democractization away from plutocratic rule.

"...once you're talking about a social structure, it just doesn't scale."

I don't agree. Everyone has certain identical needs. For such needs, completely decentralized mechanisms can even produce consensus. The problem comes when less ubiquitous purposes are put forward, because not everyone has identical needs across all matters.

What has been proven to fail 100% of the time is any form of centralized control. Over time, every empire falls. Freedom - decentralization in other words - is never completely eradicated, but even under the most oppressive tyrannies, remains in cracks and hidden in shadows, to burst forth once the despotism finally so enrages enough people that it is overcome, to burgeon once again.

Until some new centralization of wealth and power is implemented over people.

Freedom will eventually vanquish all oppression. Decentralization will eventually completely eradicate centralization, and we'll be free. It's the only form of society that cannot be defeated, and we're just waiting for the technology that enables it to be developed to maturity.

Decentralized systems have proven to be the most centralized, time and time again. STEEM's GINI coefficient is far worse than even the most centralised dictatorship in the world. (I.e. Brunei)

ja, most traits are maybe not equally but normally distributed. The need for communication, entertainment, even our taste, and our ethical views. Also, skills are normally distributed. But information follows power laws. Followers, Money, Influence, ... there is only one pewdipie with 96 Million followers. Not 1000, not 100, only one. And it does not matter if you start with equal conditions. After n rounds there will be one node holding most of the resources.

It's maybe not impossible to scale. Make stake private, make voting contribution anonymous and introduce unique user identification so that self voting is impossible, even with multiple accounts. Stake should only give you the possibility to earn return. Its Proof-of-stake, not proof-of-status, and proof-of-brain and not proof-of-egoism.

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