"Frees fruits"

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The story of harvesting the fruit has taken a long time, I just had a chance to tell it now, hehe sorry * I'm talking like this like someone wants to know my story.

After yesterday I told you about harvesting avocado and water guava, today I want to tell you about harvesting mangoes and tomatoes at home. In my house there are two mango trees but different types. During the harvest yesterday the fruit was abundant, and as usual, we shared it with our neighbors and ate it ourselves. Because I'm not a creative person so I make the mango fruit again, if I'm diligent in making mango gelatin or eat it right away, don't bother, finally I don't know what to do with mangoes, how come mango doesn't stop there! but quite a lot of them are put in with the neighbors' children, duh, the kids can at least see the mangoes that are idle, some are not already plucked, even though I already love them, don't pick them first, wait for the new eyes to be picked.

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